Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Weekend Recap

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Our Halloween parties started on Thursday at KDO. It was fall parties/dress up day. Caedmon was set to wear his karate outfit Nana made for him. Except that he has issues with the belt around his waist.

This is the best it got.


After that, it was some of this.


Before we left the house, the belt ended up tied in the back, the shirt left open. And before KDO was over, the top was completely off. It’s a good thing I had put another shirt on him.

Friday for our playgroup Halloween party, Caedmon got himself dressed before I could give him any instructions. In his swim clothes. He told me he was a surfer. I went with it.

He had a blast at the playgroup party. And he had no problem dressing up there.


Husband played in a Halloween disc golf tournament, and got three strokes taken off his game if he dressed in a costume. Imagine this along with ‘fro wig.


And here’s my “costume”.


Friday night, Uncle HLB came over to see us, play with Caedmon and bring the boy a new camo hat.


Who’d have thought a tape measure could be so much fun?

Saturday, I busted into the pomegranate I’d bought at the grocery store. It’s a good thing there was a brochure with instructions on how to open it up and eat it, or I would’ve had no idea what to do with it.



It. was. so. good. I offered some to Husband and Caedmon, and it’s just as well that they didn’t want any because I ate it all by Sunday afternoon. My pumpkin obsession may have been replaced.

Sunday, there was no getting Caedmon back into the karate costume. He was having none of it. We basically bribed Caedmon to put his costume on, telling him I’d take him to Sass’s house. So then I called Sass and asked if we could come over. So yeah, I totally invited us to her house, and because she loves us, they let us crash their family Halloween party. Well, Caedmon and me…Husband had to stay home and work.

All that to say, we finally got the costume on him and got a couple of pictures.


But then there was some of this.

DSC04128And a little of this.


So we untied the belt and Caedmon and I headed to Sass’s house. Caedmon went trick-or-treating and we had a blast.

I’ve already swiped a Lemonhead from Caedmon’s candy stash. He really likes the idea of candy more than the actual candy, so we’ll see how much of it he actually eats. I bet he’ll devour the chocolate, though. I’ve taught him well.

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  1. What a cute costume! I LOVE that he called himself a surfer!!!

    And I love your fireplace! :)

  2. Ummm...Chris kinda looks like Dan Aykroyd in that picture.

  3. You're having a girl.