Monday, September 19, 2011

Picnic and Ducks

In case you weren’t aware, today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yar. Just thought I’d pass along that important piece of information. In case, you know, someone throws out a “shiver me timbers” or “ahoy,” you’ll know what’s up.

Nana is visiting, and we went to the park the other day for a picnic lunch. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed it immensely.


Honor kicked back while we ate.


We were stalked by these two ducks. The hen was pretty fearless. We wanted to feed them, but not while we were trying to eat! They just had to wait their turn.


Caedmon and Husband played a little baseball. Caedmon really has great eye-hand coordination and can hit the ball the majority of the time.


Honor reaches for things a lot…and loves to stick that tongue out.


Honor and Nana hung out together while we tried to feed ducks.


We fed the white ducks some, but they wouldn’t get very close.


So Caedmon and I went over by our other duck friends to give them a treat. They loved us. Or the snacks we had. It was hard to tell which. But really, who doesn’t like Cheese-Its?


They liked it so much, we went back for more to feed them.


And I grabbed the camera for some close-ups of our new friends.


They were definitely not afraid.


In fact, they ate right out of our hands…mostly mine. Caedmon didn’t like getting “bitten.”


The Canadian Geese were too shy to come very close. Consequently, they got very few Cheese-Its.


I was glad I could take Caedmon to get close to the ducks and feed them. I grew up around quite a few guys like these, and I know it’s not something many kids get to do. I know Caedmon won’t get to “herd”, feed, and care for them like I did, but getting to hang out with them at the park is pretty fun.

I am fairly certain we’ll be back to feed the ducks again soon. They may get some stale bread instead of Cheese-Its, though. I wonder if they’ll still be our friends?

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