Friday, September 16, 2011

Honor’s Hair

Honor’s hair cracks me up. The longer hair is dark, but the new hair growing in is lighter. Caedmon was born dark-headed and after his hair all fell out, it grew back in blonde-ish. That may be what Honor’s is doing, too.

The back is pretty thick. And so is the top. But the sides? Not so much. It’s not as noticeable when she’s wearing a headband or unless you really start messing with her hair. (She’s really loving the Momarazzi here. She was going for Magnum, I think.)


Front. Long bangs, even after having them trimmed!


From the side, you can tell it’s kind of thin.


It’s almost like a bad version of a combover. Or a toupee.

She has the same side-part I do. No matter what you try, that’s how her hair lays.


So here’s what it looks like when it’s wet and combed back.


If it wasn’t quite so long, it would make a sweet mohawk.

She’s just so darn cute, even with crazy hair.

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  1. She can really sport the mowhawk!

    Could be thinner on the sides because she is a tummy sleeper. My kids always lose hair on the sides and I find it in the crib.
    Mine are born with dark hair (dark blonde) and it comes back in lighter too.
    At least she has hair! It's going to be beautiful when she is another year older. :-)

  2. She also rubs the side of her head, especially while she's nursing. It corresponds perfectly with her little thin spots on the sides!

    I'm glad she has hair. It would've been such a shame if Caedmon had a full head of hair and she didn't have any!

  3. well, crazy hair or not...she is super duper cute! She is growing like a weed! Cilla was bald until she was almost two. Now it is growing and is always a mess and she will not let me do anything to it! It is a curse! Be careful what you wish for.