Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catching Up

Caedmon’s been battling some sort of sickness junk that just doesn’t want to go away. First we were told it was Strep, then Tonsillitis. Whatever it is, it has definitely worn out its welcome. We’re ready for this boy of ours to be well now.

Poor guy has been on a roller coaster with his fever and how he feels the last several days. So we go with it when he feels good, and make him rest when he doesn’t. And unlike normal people, when he’s sick, Caedmon sleeps less than normal. So you can imagine how much sleep has been going on around here.

And it’s not been fun trying to keep him and Honor away from each other. Even though they live in the same house, they’ve really missed each other the last several days. They want to play with each other so badly, and I hate that they haven’t been able to.

Caedmon’s been doing a lot of this lately.


And when he feels good, he’s his normal little self.



Side note: Whoever is the first to buy this kid a Snuggie will be his favorite person ever.


Oz is striving to keep his normal schedule during all the sickness. I don’t think he’s struggling.


This little stinker is chewing like a puppy.


I can’t see any teeth, or even any swollen gums. She just chews. And has since birth. I’m going to have to find some new teething toys of some sort. She won’t take a paci because she doesn’t want to suck – she wants to chew, and the pacifier does not satisfy that urge. And when we’re in the car for a while, she becomes rather unhappy and needs something to help her get happy. She’s a sweet girl, but still not the best car tripper. I’m really hoping that changes when we put her in a different carseat in a few months.

We tried sitting her up with the Boppy the other day, and she’s not quite ready for that yet.


She wants to be, though!

Honor still isn’t rolling over, though she has started to twist around more.


Once she figures out that leads to something, she’ll be unstoppable.

Honor also watched some football this past weekend. I think she was telling somebody something.


Imagine that.

Hopefully we’ll get Caedmon well and keep the rest of us from catching it. Although after we finished at the doctor yesterday, my throat started feeling a little tickly. I tried to tell myself it was just the power of suggestion.

Just in case it was, I’m suggesting to myself that I stay well.

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  1. The pic of Honor sitting up i teh Boppy is so cute! I hope that Caedmon feels better soon!

  2. Great post :-) I really enjoy reading your blog - you are a great writer! As far as the chewing - do you have one of the vibrating teethers? I got one for my kids and, once they figured out it vibrated, they loved it. (When they bite down on it, it vibrates) When they were a little older, they loved stepping on it, sitting on it, or just making it vibrate with their hands. If you can't find one (I think Walmart sells them and Target) I'd be more then willing to send you one!