Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Thoughts of Randomness

1. I was making dinner the other night and realized I had no cornstarch. The perils of moving. I did, however, buy Nutella for the first time the other day. Apparently I’m buying all kinds of new things these days and forgetting regular stuff like cornstarch. I blame end-cap-giant-red-sign marketing. And? I love the Nutella. I knew I would...that’s why I refused to buy it for so long. The world will never be the same. And it will not help with the last 6 pounds of baby weight I need to lose.

2. I think every door in our house squeaks. I’ve yet to find the WD-40 so I can remedy that. Or remember that I need to look for the WD-40 at a time other than 11pm when I’m letting Oz out for the last time and fear the squeaky door might wake the children. Or the next door neighbors.

3. It’s time for Caedmon to move up to a new booster seat. He’s been using one of the Fisher Price Healthy Care Boosters since he began solids. (*Tear*) But he needs something a little less “baby” and a little more “big boy” now. Plus, in a few months, Honor will need to start using the other one. (*Double tear*) So, despite the reviews on this one, I went ahead and bought it because I could get it in a store. I got it home and the label from the inside of the plastic case was stuck to it and won’t peel off. So I’ve returned it and have already ordered a different one. Lesson learned: don’t disregard the Amazon reviews.

4. Regarding #1 and that last six pounds…I would honestly be ok with it if I could fit into my favorite jeans. But I can’t. I had to find new favorite jeans after Caedmon was born because my old ones just didn’t fit right anymore. I refuse to have to go on that kind of search again. I will fit back into those jeans. One day. These are the only fat thighs that are acceptable in this house.


5. I bought Honor two new headbands at Hobby Lobby the other day. I know. It’s a big deal. She needed a black one and a brown one, so it’s not like I went all crazy. She’s already worn them both. Aren’t you proud?

6. Caedmon has decided he’s sticking with a football cake. And his birthday shirt design is complete…it just needs to be done. That’s another story.

7. Speaking of Caedmon, I am afraid that he’s trying to grow out of a daily nap. I will honestly have a time of mourning the day I finally let the naptime die. But I will hang onto it as long as I can. He can’t quite handle life without rest in the afternoons. Neither can I.

8. Honor loves to hold her own hand. It’s stinkin’ cute.


9. Caedmon still likes to make faces for the camera.


10. They love each other. And I love them.


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  1. We lost the booster seat for my oldest when he was 2 - he is all about sitting at the table. I was kinda surprised because I thought "all" kids used boosters until they were 5 LOL And . . we lost the nap with him at 2 years also. Don't get me wrong, for about 4 months before that, I still put him down for a nap but after hearing him play in his crib and talk to his bears for an hour and half every single day, I dropped the nap. Now, my current 18 month old I don't think will outgrow his nap quite so early. Such differant kids!