Friday, August 05, 2011

New Things

We have a few new things to report around our house…

At Walmart the other day, I stumbled upon Peanut Butter Moon Pies.

(If you don’t know what a Moon Pie is, I really have no words. Except that you need to get some. And eat up the marshmallowy goodness.)

I immediately knew we had to have some. I even bought a box to drop off at Husband’s work because, clearly, the awesomeness had to be shared. (And he asked for some after I texted a picture.) They’re really good, but I was disappointed at the lack of marshmallow inside. I might just have to make my own version. I’ll let you know if I manage to figure out how to do that and how it turns out.

I knew I would enjoy them, but Caedmon…has a new favorite food.



I finally relented and let him have one for breakfast yesterday. I know…mom of the year. But seeing as how that’s the kind of stuff I like to eat for breakfast, I really couldn’t blame him.

We also folded laundry together the other day. It was Honor’s first time to “help.”


Caedmon is getting really good at folding wash cloths. And I love that he enjoys helping. And sticking his tongue out.


Honor had her first experience with the Bumbo seat this week, too. She loves it!


And so does Caedmon…he actually still fits in it, so he capitalizes on it when Honor’s not in it.

Caedmon introduced Honor to Curious George. They watched together for a little while, and she talked (loudly) to George the entire time.




Also, Honor is starting to get mobile. She doesn’t roll. She scoots. On her belly, she’s been scooting for quite some time, moving several inches during a naptime, even during her sleep. Now, when she lays on her back, she arches her back and pushes with her feet to push herself backwards. She even does it when she’s sitting in her seat or in the Boppy, which causes her to slink down into the hole or hang back, nearly upside down over the Boppy.


It doesn’t seem to bother her, though. I have a feeling that crawling is not as far away as I would like. She’s got to keep up with that big brother of hers!

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  1. Looks like some fun "new things" going on. (; I love Honor's sweet smile and voice in the video. Can't believe she is getting so big!

    I laughed at Caedmon in the bumbo. Lilly did the same thing but she still had chubby baby legs and would get stuck in it. Ha. She would use every baby thing we got out for Reid--swing, bumbo, jumper, bouncy seat, etc. (: