Tuesday, July 12, 2011


One day soon I hope to share some details about our move and the whole process. But honestly, I’m kinda busy and my brain isn’t quite ready for putting a lot of words together right now.

As we prepared to leave, I realized just how much I will miss our awesome friends and family. And they gave us a wonderful send-off.

My friend Melissa came from across the state to see us before we left. She was a lifesaver. As a former Realtor, her experience in cleaning up & staging our house for real estate listing photos was invaluable and it was great to get to visit with her and her sweet daughter Landry while we worked.


We had one last Girls’ Night Out and my friends gave me a photo frame with some wonderful notes and a photo of all of us together. Confession: it was a couple of weeks before I could even read what the girls wrote. I finally did and appreciate all the sweet words! I thought I took a picture of it, but it must’ve been part of my not-ready-to-read-it-yet-ness and just discovered that I didn’t. It’s currently on a truck somewhere between there and here, so no picture-taking will be happening right now. If you signed it and have your picture in it, you know who you are.

At our last playgroup, Sara had the kids make a canvas for Caedmon and Honor. I love it. It has each of their handprints on it along with a verse from Ecclesiastes. Hopefully one day Caedmon will appreciate it as much as I do. Also no picture is available. But believe me, it’s adorable. And Caedmon loves for me to read it to him, including the special message on the back!

Mimi had Mom, my sisters and me over for lunch. We had a nice time and spent the afternoon hanging out together.


Back – Squirt, Fidget, and Curly. Front – Trump, Me, Mom, and Mimi.

Even the little girls hung out – they spent most of the time napping, but still.


I also bought myself a going-away present. We have moved into “hostile” territory – Auburn/Alabama/Georgia territory. (You must understand that SEC football is serious stuff!) Razorbacks are few and far between around here. So I had to bring a reminder of my favorite place on Campus…Old Main.


I plan to make a special piece of Razorback art to go along with it – one that will help Caedmon remember the Fight Song, even after he’s done with me singing it to him as a lullaby. There are just some things you can’t be allowed to forget.

In the weeks before we left, we hugged a lot of necks and said goodbye to a lot of people. There were others we didn’t get to see that we would’ve liked to. But that’s the way it goes. Honestly, I don’t know that my heart could’ve taken saying goodbye to any more friends. We are excited to be in our new place and the new adventure before us, but saying goodbye is never easy.

But we’ll be back. At least for Christmas, and hopefully before then to see NLB when the Air Force has finally had enough of him over in the desert. Until then, we’re working on getting settled here and meeting new friends. Each day is a new adventure, and we welcome it!

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