Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The PD

Fidget is now working at the local police department and offered to take Caedmon to see some cool stuff before we left.

Here they are, going into the police station.


One of the Sergeants asked an officer to bring his car up for Caedmon to see. They were so accommodating and sweet to Caedmon! We ran into our friend Officer T and he came with us to check things out.


Caedmon and Fidget sat in the car, and he learned how to turn the siren and lights on and off.


He also got to play with handcuffs and learned how to use the key to unlock them.


The officers gave Caedmon his very own handcuff key. Maybe he should start swallowing it every Tuesday.

Officer N also gave Caedmon some flexi-cuffs to bring home. You know, the things that look like zip ties. He loves them. And? He shared some of his cheese crackers with Caedmon. I think that was Caedmon’s favorite take-away of the morning.

Leave it to my kid to get to turn on police sirens and cheese crackers end up being his favorite thing. At least he knows what he likes.

Fidget also took us to the fire station, but my camera battery died. Caedmon got to play on the giant truck, the Humvee, and check out an ambulance. He loved the ambulance. The fireman that showed us around was great with Caedmon and very patient with his shy, quiet, yet inquisitive demeanor.

Many thanks to Fidget for taking Caedmon for a fun morning!

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1 comment:

  1. Ha!! I work in the front office of the PD and have seen Fidget come in and out of the PD for couple of months now. Have even talked to her a time or two...and thought she looked familiar! Now I know why!!

    Small world!!