Saturday, July 09, 2011

We're Here!

We are officially in our new house. Well, we're here. Our stuff isn't. But that's ok. We are all together again, and we're good. We knew it would likely be a few days until our stuff arrived, so we came prepared. And a trip to Walmart helped, too.

At Walmart, I was once again reminded that we are still in the south with friendly people. I made a friend in the check-out line. Maybe because she said I looked great for having a three-month-old baby. (I'll be friends with anybody who says that.) She invited us to come play with her kids at their neighborhood pool. And until we can get the keys to our neighborhood pool, we just might take her up on it. I hope she's not a psycho. I'm sure she's not. Maybe.

We are excited about our new church, new home, new people, and new possibilities. It will just take a while to get them all figured out. Every day will be a new adventure. But we know how to get to Walmart and Chick-fil-A, so we already have a good start.

I had a whole post (with lots of pictures) about the send-off our friends and family had for us, then wasn't able to get it posted before we left. I was going to post it today, but my computer is having issues with the internet at our new house. (I'm using Husband's computer right now.) I haven't even checked my email in almost a week and we won't even discuss my neglect of Twitter and Facebook.

Withdrawal isn't fun.

But really, I've been too busy to keep up with anyone except my little brood. And if I hadn't had help the last several days at home, I wouldn't even have been able to do that. I will be glad once the movers come, everything is unpacked, the boxes are gone, and we can get back to life. But since I haven't heard from Mr. Charles (the driver who is bringing our stuff), I don't know when that will be. He had other families to pick up/deliver as well, so we don't know where we lie in the order of things. The "last shall be first" scripture keeps ringing in my ears and I want to just turn up the radio to drown it out. Except I'm not anywhere near a radio, and I think God probably could be heard over it anyway. Does that still apply when you're moving? Probably so.

In the meantime, I'm working on some fun posts. Y'all know I have moving stories. As I was telling one to Husband, he said, "Is this a premise for a sitcom?" No, this is our life. Welcome. Pin It


  1. Well I am glad to know you are finding the important places. (c;

  2. Welcome to your new home!