Thursday, June 02, 2011

Deep Thoughts From Caedmon

Regarding a food he doesn’t care for, Caedmon: “I don’t like that. It makes my tummy sad.”

Upon hearing Honor fuss, Caedmon: “Turn off that noise, Momma. I don’t want to hear her cry right now.”

After taking a bite of something new at dinner, Caedmon: “I WIKE it!” After second bite: “I STILL wike it!”

Caedmon: “Momma, how does water get in the clouds? Does God fill them up with a water hose?” Me: “Not exactly. Water from the ground evaporates into the air and makes clouds in the sky.” Caedmon: “What’s evap-rate?” Me: “It’s where water on the ground turns invisible and goes up into the sky.” Caedmon: “How does it do that?” Me: “We’ve reached the extend of my knowledge on the subject. We’ll have to Google it when we get home, so help me remember, ok?” Caedmon: “Ok. I will remember you.”

Caedmon: “When I was a wittle tiny boy, I goed to heaven and rode a rower (roller) coaster. It was fun. I wike rower coasters.”

Upon seeing a truck hauling chickens, Caedmon: “Where are those chickens going?” Me: “To the chicken ‘factory’.” Caedmon: “Why?” Me: “To get them ready so we can eat them.” (Harsh, but true, ok?) Caedmon: “Are they going to turn them into meat?” Me: “Yep. That’s exactly what they’re doing.” Caedmon: “Can I go there and watch?” Me: “Not with me.”

Caedmon: “Honor scratched my face with forty fingers.” Me: “Well, stay out of her reach. And are you sure it was forty?” Caedmon: “Well, it was a lot,”

Caedmon: “Something between my ears makes me not like that.”

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