Monday, May 02, 2011

Pictures (AKA Easter, Part 2)

Ok, so it’s true. There are fewer pictures of the second kid. But I’ll take solace in knowing Honor’s pictures are 14.2 megapixels and Caedmon’s were all somewhere around 4 megapixels. So that evens out, right?

What does a chocolate bunny look like on a boy?



Caedmon was supposed to be “getting breakfast” out of the pantry, i.e. a cereal bar. Instead, he found his chocolate bunny from the day before and chowed down. He ate the whole thing, or what was left of it. I’m just glad it didn’t necessitate a change of clothing before we left the house.

Also, what do you do when hunting Easter eggs would require waders and possibly a boat? Bowl, of course.


Tummy time around here is never lonely.


I promise my child wears clo…heck, I’m going to quit saying that. He wears clothes in public. That’s enough, right?

Honor likes to sleep with her arms out. And she’s already got the “Touchdown!” signal figured out.


Aunt Trump builds great train tracks.


Sweet girl sleeping.



Big Brother loves to hold his Baby Sister.


And she doesn’t seem to mind it.


Caedmon’s become quite the photographer. He does pretty well with our giant camera. But the camera on my phone? Not so much.


The poor girl may never have any privacy. On the upside, she’ll always have a protector around.


Also, we may never have empty laundry baskets again. But that’s neither here nor there.

I leave you with another peek at our newborn photos from my friend Blaire. Can’t wait to get this one printed!

Caedmon and Honor

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  1. She is such a pretty baby! I can't wait to hold her! I also can't wait to see all the pictures because the few sneak peeks I've seen are amazing!