Monday, April 18, 2011

Shipment #2

When I talked to NLB the other day, he told me he was running low on cookies and was ready for another goodie box. So I told him to have his buddies pray that Little Sister stayed put long enough for me to get the cookies baked and shipped. They must’ve prayed hard, because I managed to get those cookies done and shipped in record time…before Honor made her early entrance.

I also managed to get some other things into the box. In fact, this one weighed 2+ pounds more than the last box I sent. (Mom said it was pregnancy weight gain. Apparently that’s contagious.)


Looking at that picture, it’s hard to imagine it all fitting into the flat rate box I have to use, but somehow I managed. There was zero room for “stuffing,” though! I even included the Clorox wipes I had to leave out last time and a bottle of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce NLB didn’t even know he was missing until he opened the package.

I also had to send Easter candy. How could I not? I wish I’d had room to include more than one package of Peeps, though. Those things are classic and I know everyone loves them.

Also, one pan of cookies got a little bit overdone. They weren’t burnt or anything, just more done than the soft, chewy cookies I like to make. I didn’t have the heart to not send them, so I told NLB that he could share those with someone he doesn’t like. I know, I’m awful. But hey, I sent cookies. I even included a can of frosting this time in case they want to make double doosies. Or just eat it with a spoon, which is sometimes what I like to do.

This may be my last box to send for a while. I think having a baby might put a hamper on gathering cool stuff to send since, you know, I won’t be out shopping much for a while. But NLB won’t be left without cookies. I’ve talked to Mom about saving some room for them in her shipments. We’ll make it happen. Because when a guy needs cookies, he needs cookies.

*More on Miss Honor and her arrival soon!*

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  1. I had a friend in Afghanistan and he definitely appreciated wipes! I know these bits of home are so important. You're a good sister :-)