Monday, April 04, 2011

Weekend Survival

We survived the weekend. I know that’s really not what you want to say on Monday, but it’s kind of the way it happens sometimes.

Friday we spent the day at home. Caedmon and I got to Skype with NLB and I did some cleaning and checked a few more things off my to-do list. Honestly, if Little Sister decided to make her appearance, we’d be ok. There are just always more things you want done before the baby comes. I was exhausted though, and managed a short nap. Thankfully, my nap was a good one and I felt much better about life afterward.

Friday night, Caedmon hung out at Mom & Dad’s while Husband and I went bowling and to eat with some friends. We all ate. They bowled. I watched/cheered. Honestly though, if I didn’t need Little Sister to stay put a bit longer, I would’ve bowled with them. It would’ve been a horrible sight, but I would’ve done it. We had a blast with Jenna and Chris, Sarah and Matt and Stacy and Jason. I’m so thankful we have friends who are at the same stage of life we are. It’s great to know you’re not alone. Or crazy.

Saturday is usually a lazy day for us, but this one did not turn out that way. Husband had been feeling lousy but woke up feeling even worse. So I got up with Caedmon (sort of) and worked on a grocery list while we waited on the walk-in clinic to open. I was so afraid that Husband had strep. I knew that it wouldn’t be good if he had some contagious thing like that and we are *this close* to having a baby. Plus he felt awful. So we went to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t strep and see if he could get some relief.

I decided to use the time wisely, so Caedmon and I got groceries while Husband waited at the clinic. (I KNOW! Now my Tuesday will be all crazy since I don’t have to go to the store!) He finished before we did. Thankfully, no strep, just lots of yucky other things. We went home and he went to bed.

Caedmon and I did all kinds of things to occupy ourselves while trying to leave Husband in peace. The weather was finally nice so I wanted to find a way to be outside and productive. We cleaned out the car some, ran a couple of errands, and straightened up the garage a bit.

I also installed the infant carseat. Ya’ll. I remember it being a pain in the rear, but I do not remember it being that difficult. I was always the one to take it out/put it back in too, so I know it’s not because I had someone else doing it for me. Although that would be the easy way.

Just picture me, big pregnant girl, in the backseat of our Xterra, trying to kneel/sit/otherwise put pressure on the base of the carseat and buckle it in and tighten it. Then, I’d have to put the seat on and go around to the other side of the car so I could see the built-in level on the carseat to make sure it was at the right angle. I had to do that no less than 53 times, it seems. I’d get it level, but it wouldn’t be tight enough. Then I’d finally get it tightened, and it wouldn’t be level. All the while, climbing in and out of the Xterra, up and down off that stupid base, turning this way and that way, trying to find the best angle to tighten the strap or push down hard enough to get the LATCH thing buckled. Also while Caedmon was riding his bike or asking 872 questions about grass or trees or why he couldn’t fly his kite or go sledding. I’m pretty sure the guys mowing across the street were laughing at me. And I can’t really blame them. If I hadn’t been so dang frustrated, I would’ve laughed at me too.

The good news is that when I had Deputy Guy check it on Sunday, he said I’d done a good job. He tried to tighten it just a teensy bit more and ended up having the same trouble I’d had. So I felt a little vindicated that it wasn’t my lack of skill that was causing the trouble – it was definitely the carseat.

I also managed a bit of a nap on Saturday afternoon. And after dinner I made a batch of cookie dough to prepare to send cookies to NLB. He’d told me that he’d been rationing them, but his supply was running low and the guys in his room/unit were asking for more. And while I really wanted to stay up to see Sir Elton on SNL, I just couldn’t do it. It’s on the DVR waiting for me.

Sunday was a beautiful day and I was thankful for the sunshine. Husband still wasn’t feeling well though. Caedmon managed to play outside a bit and I did some laundry. The boy almost goofed off enough to avoid a nap, but finally gave in. After dinner I baked cookies and packed NLB’s box to send out today (Hopefully the customs process will be a bit easier than last time.) and watched the awesome insanity of Celebrity Apprentice.

Hopefully Husband is on the mend now and this gross allergy crud that Caedmon and I have will be better with the rain. We made it to another Monday. Time to get all Monday around here.

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