Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Haze

We’ve been a little busy the past few days, but I can’t really say what we’ve done. Partly because we haven’t done much. And partly because we’re all in that haze that comes with having a newborn. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re all doing well and are in love with Honor Elyse!

It’s so weird to think that I should still be pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Honor’s here and healthy, but thinking about what I’d planned for this past week…this was definitely not it. And that’s completely fine. I’m really glad I was able to finish all the major things on my to-do list before she arrived!

This is the sign I made for our hospital door. It was a tremendous help in locating us in the hospital, especially since we were moved to another room part of the way through our stay.


It’s a 12x12 scrapbook page. I bought the sparkly cardboard letters and stuck them on, then put it in a page protector. We used Scotch tape to hang it on the door. Not fancy, but it worked.

I also made a separate insert to put on the sign for when we were resting or wanted a little quiet time. It just slid in front of the “come in” part when we wanted to use it. When we weren’t using it, we’d just slide it behind the sign so it wouldn’t get lost.


We also received some beautiful flowers that included some of my all-time favorites. Who doesn’t love Gerber Daisies? (If you don’t, I don’t really want to know.)


Caedmon is adjusting well to being a big brother. The first few days were tough because we weren’t sure if the cough he had was just allergies or viral. The pediatrician at the hospital wanted him to wear a mask to hold her, just in case, until he could be checked out again at Honor’s check-up. You can imagine how well that suggestion was received.

So he really didn’t hold her or interact much with her for the first couple of days. It broke my heart. Caedmon wanted so badly to hang out with her, but he refused to wear a mask, so there really was no choice since we wanted to make sure she didn’t catch any respiratory germs that could be very dangerous for her. But at Honor’s check-up, Caedmon was given the all-clear from virus (just crummy allergies), so he’s gotten to hang out with her much more.

And he loves her.




Honor’s fingernails are so long, some of them are wrapped around the end of her fingers. It’s wild. Maybe I should use Oz’s grinder on them. Just kidding.



So far, Honor’s been a great sleeper and eater. I know those things can change in a matter of hours or minutes, so I’m relishing them while they last.

Our plan was for Honor to sleep in our room at night for a while and in the crib in her room for naps during the day, the same way we did with Caedmon. However, she doesn’t seem to like sleeping in the pack n’ play right now, so she’s been sleeping in her crib at night. It suits us just fine.


And she seems to be able to nap anywhere. Another thing I’m not taking for granted.



Also, she’s not been a huge fan of the paci so far. She will take it for a little while now and then, but doesn’t seem to need or want it a lot. After the pain and suffering we went through to rid Caedmon of his paci addiction, I’m just fine with that. She may turn into a paci girl, but I’m definitely not forcing the issue.

I made Caedmon a “brag page” of photos to take with him to KDO. He showed pictures of him & Honor to the ladies in the hall, his friends and teachers. He was proud! His class made an adorable card they sent home with him, too. It’s definitely going in her keepsake box.

Caedmon's Show Off Page

One day it was warm enough for Caedmon to play in the water. Husband let him play in the sprinkler, though I think they ended up doing more with a big bowl of water and Hot Wheels.


And Caedmon’s even been a bit of a photographer.


Honor had a great check-up the other day and we’re all doing well, learning to be a family of four. Our family and friends are taking good care of us and we are grateful for their love.

I’ll share more about Honor’s arrival and other details later, when my brain is able to put a coherent story together. Right now, I think it’s time for a nap.

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  1. I love the brag page that you made for C! Such a great idea! Loved getting to see you the other night - sorry I couldn't stay and visit a little longer!

  2. She is so precious! Love her name, and the sign you made is super cute. Glad that y'all are adjust well to having a new baby at home : )