Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Details, Details!

Ya’ll know that Caedmon is a question-asking little fool. All day. All night. He asks questions so specific in detail that sometimes I think I’m on a hidden camera show with someone feeding him lines. It gets to the point where your brain is fried because you have to think so much in order to be detailed enough to satisfy him.

Lately he’s been asking how things are made. Sometimes it’s easy – I can say that God made it and when he asks me, “How, Momma?” I can tell him that I really have no idea, that’s something he can ask when he sees God in Heaven (aka Kevin) one day.

Other things are not so easy. Like how cars are made. “In a factory somewhere” doesn’t satisfy his need to know details.

I remember my favorite “video” on Sesame Street when I was a kid was where they show how crayons are made or how things are done. And now I love the grown-up versions like “Dirty Jobs” and even Larry The Cable Guy’s show on the History Channel. 


I found a show on National Geographic the other day that looked interesting and thought Caedmon might like it, so I recorded it on the DVR. I called him into the living room and said, “Caedmon, I recorded a show on how cars are built. Do you want to watch it?”

“Yes, Momma! I am so excited!”

Of course, there were more questions. “How did you find this show?” “What car are they making?” “Where is the factory?” “Why is that car factory in Germany?” “Where is Germany?” “Can we go there?” “Why are they making that car red?”

We sat down together to watch, and he managed to get through the hour-long show with relatively few questions, considering. He absolutely loved it.

Now he’s asking me to find shows on how other things are made.

I have fed the monster.

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  1. Take him to the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY! (Sufficiently after the birth of his sister.)