Thursday, April 07, 2011

Baby #2: 37 Weeks

Baby #2 Highlights

How Far Along: 37 weeks (Need to catch up? Here’s last week.) Officially full term! Woo hoo!

Last week at my 36 week appointment, Dr. P told me to get my checklist finished up, that she believed Sister would arrive before she’s due. Freaked me out just a teensy bit. I felt prepared for Caedmon, but I wasn’t ready the day he decided to come. And I don’t think I really recovered from that feeling for a long time. So I went a little nuts over the next few days and did several things to help myself feel ready, whenever she decides to make her appearance. Of course there will always be more to do, but as long as I feel like everything’s in good shape, I will feel better about life.

Size of Baby: Probably a little over 19 inches long and a bit over 6 pounds.

Big Brother Caedmon: Caedmon has played really well this week. Of course, it also includes giant messes because it seems like he has to dump out every single toy he owns in order to play.

Caedmon decided the other day he wanted to read while I was working at my desk. He brought every book off of his bookshelf into the office and proceeded to dump them in the floor. Then he asked if he could read a book to me. “Sure,” I said. He opens the book, looks at a few pages, closes it and says, “The end.” Apparently I was supposed to appreciate the silent story. I did.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: When I went last week, I was +30 pounds. I think I groaned audibly when I read the numbers. I really am having a hard time believing how much of it is water retention. I’m not swelling, but my legs feel squishy. It’s weird.

Yesterday for my 37 week appointment, I had to go in the afternoon. I only weighed 1 pound more at 2:30pm than I usually do around 9:30am. So I’m counting that as being equal. I know I’m cheating. Sue me.

Maternity Clothes: Most of the time, except at home.

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Yes! Still a mover and a shaker. Sometimes I think she’s trying to kung-fu her way out.

Sleep: Yes. Sometimes. See above.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Hips hurting. Heartburn. Soreness in my neck and shoulders. Still nesting. But I’ve gotten quite a few things done around here the past week, and I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good about life.

Except that I feel like crap. Yes, I said “crap”. The sinuses just will not leave me alone this pregnancy. I told Husband this morning that I’ve been sick more the past 9 months than I have in the last 3 years. It’s crazy. I also told Dr. P yesterday that if we don’t get this cough cleared up quickly, I won’t have to push when it comes time to deliver, I’ll just cough her out. I’m glad she went ahead and gave me some medicine and didn’t wait around to see that happen. Because though it sounds funny, I really don’t think it would be. Could you imagine? “Here’s your baby girl!” (hack hack, cough cough) “Hi sweetheart!” (cough cough) Not cool.

What I Miss: Nothing, really.

Cravings: The other night we were watching iCarly (sad, I know) and they were talking about pie. Coconut Cream pie. I told Husband that sounded really good. So right after we ate dinner, he and Caedmon rushed out the door and came home with a Coconut Cream Pie from Rick’s Bakery. You know, the magical place Caedmon and I visited recently. And? It was heavenly. Also, my husband is awesome.

Best Moment This Past Week: Yesterday, Mimi kept Caedmon and treated me to a pedicure at a nail salon. I think the guy gave me new feet while I wasn’t looking. Today I am saying “Hello, old friends!” to my flip flops. It’s all good.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Not sounding like I may cough up a lung and pop a baby out at the same time.

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