Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sugar And Spice It Up

I’m on the verge of having everything ready for Little Sister’s arrival. I hate waiting until the last minute, and even though we’ve still got about 5-ish weeks left (supposedly), I still feel like I’m pushing it.

I am nothing if not a planner. And a preparer.

I am also very practical. And we’re re-using a lot of things we had for Caedmon. I tried to get “big” things in gender neutral colors, but once you’ve used something for a boy, that’s sort of the way you always see it – as a boy’s thing.

And the practical side of me is struggling against the “Ooh! Girl stuff is so cute!” side of me. I was at a point of indecision the other night, which really isn’t common for me. But what’s bad was that it was over sheets. I told Husband that practically, we didn’t really need any more crib sheets because technically we could use the ones we had for Caedmon (even though they’re well-worn and have a few stains), but that the pink and yellow ones we registered for and got as gifts were so adorable. But the very un-practical voice in my head wanted to use them both. At the same time. Because they were pink! And yellow!

Poor Husband. He sighed and said, “Just keep them both, You know you want to.” He was right. And I did.

But what’s throwing me for a loop is the diaper bag and car seat. I need some help to “girl them up” because I see them and think “boy.” Probably because we got them for Caedmon and he used them. And there’s no pink in sight. But I cannot purchase a new carseat (and don’t want to spend the $ on an entire new cover) and there’s no point in buying a giant new diaper bag because we’ll only use it for a few months.

And if she were to come tomorrow, I could totally use this stuff the way it is. I just, you know, want to make it looks like it belongs to a girl.

Here’s the diaper bag.



I know, I could monogram her name in pink (wouldn’t ya’ll like to see that?), but I’m not a huge fan of monogramming on stuff like this because I wouldn’t be able to use it for another kid or pass it on to someone else. So I need something that’s not permanent.

I know. I’m demanding.

And here’s the carseat.




Trump has made sure we have a pink head support for her, though that practical side is wondering why I don’t just use the blue one we had for Caedmon. See? Struggling. And since we’ll be in spring/summer, there’s no need for a carseat blanket or something similar that would cover it all anyway.

So ya’ll help me out. Give me some ideas to sugar and spice these things up. Because having Caedmon mistaken for a girl was bad enough. I don’t think I would be ok with Sister being mistaken for a boy.

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  1. I had a boy and then two girls so here are my thoughts. I personally got overwhelmed by a ton of pink stuff...I love more natural/neutral colors like green. I think the car seat is beautiful. However what about getting some girl hanging toys and the pink headrest for the car seat. I still always had a blank with my child (just very light weight ones) in the car seat because I was neurotic.

    As for the diaper bag, it's nice and if you like it then just get some girly toys to clip on to it. However, I went through diaper bags until I found the right one (which was black). I found that with having more than one child (and being short) that I couldn't manage a heavy car seat, a toddler and a big ole bag. I got the day tripper from lands end (and used the bigger bags for travel).

    As for the sheets...I had to buy more (just a couple) for our second because the first ones stopped fitting on the bed the right way so I got better fitting ones...that were on sale.

    good luck to you.

  2. Hang girl toys from the car seat holder, use a pink head support (spend the $10) :-)
    As for the diaper bag, I don't know. I had to buy another one because the one I used with Charles didn't hold up after 19 months. But I bought a blue Vera Bradley for Isabella and got another one for McKenna, a pink and black Vera. (that was a gift from my Mom)

    I will say this, sheets are something you always need! Use the pink ones and have the boy ones on hand, you may only use them once but you'll need them.

    Once you get your girl in those things, it won't matter. Her pink, purple and ruffles will make the world you see change. It won't be boyish anymore.

    Now, if she looks JUST LIKE Caedmon then you might have some issues. I still see McKenna and think it's Charles in a dress. It's very weird.

    All in all, HER presence and stuff will make all the difference!

  3. Girl, I am laughing as I read this. You are so funny (and remind me of myself). We did the same thing with all of Joey's "big" stuff. What about maybe the little toys that you connect to the handle being "girly" toys? With the pink head rest, it may tie it together. Just a thought....Good luck with your indecisive decisions ;)

  4. Of course I'm going to say EMBROIDER SISTER'S NAME on the bag, but I understand you wanting to reuse it. That is very practical and SMART. Maybe you could just make some of those cute rosettes (google rosette clips) or the rolled fabric flowers (those are SUPER EASY)and pin them on the bag. Maybe in the corner. Do green and blue and some soft pink! That would "girly" it up a lot!

    Have you checked into the carseat covers? They are kind of expensive (around $60-$80) in my opinion but they are really cute!

    How fun!!!!