Monday, March 21, 2011

A Shower for Sister

My sweet friends Jennifer, Jill, Jenna and Sara hosted a baby shower for Little Sister on Saturday. They did a spectacular job and it was so fun to get to open lots of adorable pink things from generous friends and family.

Here I am with the hostesses: Jennifer, Sara, me, Jenna, and Jill.


The decorations were adorable. Thanks Jill, for using some stuff from your upcoming wedding!

The food was awesome, too. And I know it’s not just because some of it was things I’ve craved during my pregnancy. These girls can cook!


In fact, if you were there and loved Jenna’s chicken salad sandwiches as much as everyone else and want the recipe, she has it posted here. I’m still working on getting Sara to post her breakfast casserole recipe. That’s definitely something I will be making sometime!

Red Velvet, anyone?


Ha! I couldn’t resist. Ya’ll know this baby girl is going to come out hot pink from all the red velvet I’ve eaten. Maybe it’s all the red dye that’s made her act like a wild woman.

I had so much fun opening gifts. We were definitely blessed with lots of wonderful things when we had Caedmon, but it’s a whole new world with girl things. Stuff is cute on a whole different level! Check out this bathing suit and hat. Is that not one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen in your life?


I brought it all home and put it in Little Sister’s room. Caedmon and Oz were eager to check it out. (I promise my child wears clothes. Sometimes.)


Later, Caedmon helped me take everything out of bags and sort it. At one point he held something up and said, “Aw, that’s so cute! I mean, that’s cool!” Ha! Already trying to be macho about stuff.

He was so proud that some toys he picked out for the registry were given to us. And yes, he played with them all afternoon.


I wish I could show you pictures of each individual gift. We love it all and are so thankful for the generosity of our friends and family. Check out the pile of clothes we made yesterday as we unpacked. Sister will be wearing some pretty precious stuff!


And I know it’s silly, but aside from the clothes, my favorite “baby things” are blankets. I love them.


After we sorted everything and made our stacks, Caedmon and I sat in the rocker for a little while. He kept saying, “What are we going to do with all these things, Momma? When are we going to put them away?” So sweet. He was ready to get everything organized. I can’t imagine where he gets that.

He was also concerned that he didn’t see any pacifiers in all the stuff. I assured him that we were set with pacis because I’d bought some on sale and we already had plenty for Little Sister. Lord, help me. As difficult as it was for him to give up his “bah”, I am praying now that we don’t end up with a nightmare on our hands. I really don’t see him ever being jealous of his sister, but he might be jealous that she gets a paci!

With just a few weeks left before Little Sister’s due to arrive (and with Husband guessing that she’ll come early), I have a hefty goal for this week and next. I plan to get her room finished, get all the gear out of the attic and get it cleaned up and ready, and get everything in its place, ready for her to get here. It’s time. It’s past time, really. And if I don’t get it done soon, I may end up a nervous wreck.

Yes, I realize that she won’t care one little bit and that I could let her sleep in a laundry basket for all she cares (not that I would…don’t call Child Services on me). But I know that if it’s not done before she gets here, it will be a long time before it does get done.

Because my plan for the first several weeks is to sit and soak up my babies…my big one and my little one. Sister will only be a newborn once. And Caedmon only gets to become a big brother for the first time one time. I don’t want to miss any of it.

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  1. The shower was so so cute! I am glad that sweet girl got some little pretties to wear! How precious that Caedmon was asking what you are going to do with all! He has no idea, does he?!