Friday, March 18, 2011

Mom’s Salon Is Now Open

You might’ve noticed that Caedmon got a haircut.

He went from this:


To this:


I couldn’t take it any more. Husband had decided a few weeks ago that he wanted me to start cutting Caedmon’s hair (again). I just hadn’t had time. So while Caedmon watched Aladdin the other night, I got the gear out and went to town.

In my fed-up-ness with his long hair, I may have gotten a little clipper-happy, cutting it a bit shorter than I’d intended. But in about 2 weeks it will be absolutely perfect…and give me another 2 weeks out of that haircut. See? Always planning ahead.

The funny thing about Caedmon’s hair is that it’s a perfect blend of Husband and me. He has Husband’s hairline along the front. But his hair? It’s exactly like mine down to the cowlick near his neckline – fine and thick. The amount of hair I swept up after that haircut was astounding. We could’ve built our very own Cousin It.

I may have nearly killed myself giving him the haircut. My back is still sore. I guess bending over with about 20 pounds of extra weight around your mid-line will do that to you. But he loves it. And I do too.

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  1. he looks a lot older! That's the perfect cut for the summer too. Good job!

  2. I buzzed Josh's hair all summer, up until the week I had Jillian. I was always out of breath by the time I was finished and I would have to go get on the couch and rest because my back hurt, too! I feel ya! I refused to cut his hair in the house though, so we sat in the garage! Ha!