Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday’s Randomness

1. If you are reading this, it means that we survived last week and the weekend. Caedmon’s stomach virus/ear infection/nasty antibiotics week was hard on all of us. He finally felt better on Thursday and improved Friday. He was at about 95% on Saturday, and should be back up to 100% by today.

If we don’t kill each other.

This whole detox from being sick thing is for the birds. After nearly a week of getting whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it, being waited on and getting to eat whatever he decided he wanted to eat, the weekend nearly killed us. And I nearly spanked my child in the hallway at church on Sunday morning. That was a first.

2. We did, indeed, purchase a new Snoopy. When I started talking about getting a new one, Husband so lovingly reminded me of Lotso, which made me feel like a heel for even considering it. But with a sick boy who wanted nothing but his Snoopy that had been AWOL for a week, we needed something. So I took him to the store and let him choose a new Snoopy. It was a challenge, because he wanted to bring one of each kind home. I was prepared to come home with one, but not five Snoopys. One it was.


3. I think I’ve decided to just keep the “raspberry” curtains and be done with it. I’m at the point in my life/pregnancy where I need to just get things done and I really don’t have the time, energy, or brain power to let curtains stand in my way.

4. I think we are going to register tonight. We don’t need a ton of stuff, really, but switching genders for the 2nd kid kind of complicates things a little. Sure, she can wear blue pajamas, and I fully intend to put her in some. But the girl needs a few things of her own. And I want/need a few different things this time around. But just in case I have forgotten or have lost my mind (which is a very real possibility at this point), feel free to remind me of something I definitely do not need to leave off that list!

5. Yesterday morning, Caedmon and I got to Skype with NLB all the way over in “the Sand Box.” (We were late for church, too. Rarely happens at our house, but it was for a good reason.) It’s weird that they have half-hour time zones over there, so the time difference is a bit difficult to calculate (Unless I count on my fingers. Then I can totally do it.). It was his day off and we got to talk to him for about 30 minutes. It was great to see NLB’s face, and I’m sure he enjoyed seeing Caedmon stick his tongue out repeatedly.

We will be shipping a box of goodies to him later this week. If you have any advice or suggestions on what those guys over there might enjoy, please send them along. We are just guessing a lot right now and working off of a few requests NLB has sent. I’m sure we’re missing something that would be completely amazing and he and his roommates would love me for the rest of my life if I sent it. I want to remain the “favorite sister,” ya’ll. Help me out.

6. Yesterday afternoon, Husband took Caedmon to fly his Buzz Lightyear kite. It was Caedmon’s first time to fly a kite, and he loved it.


7. We watched the Oscars last night. I can sum up the whole night like this: The old people are cute (Kirk Douglas), it’s awkward when you don’t prepare a speech (girl from The Fighter), and please, for crying out loud, even if you have two-tone hair, don’t forget your wife’s name (Christian Bale). Also, go easy on the fake pearl-like things (Cate Blanchett) on your clothes and dresses that appear to have pasties attached (Mila Kunis). Also, bring back Billy. Or Alec. Or even Hugh. Please.

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