Friday, February 25, 2011

A Work in Progress

Baby Sister’s room is a work in progress. We’re getting there, slowly but surely. I have several ideas bouncing around in my head, and I’m working on a few. Part of the problem is that there are these things called “time” and “money” that sometimes get in the way. If those were endless, well, let’s not even talk about that.

So I’ll go ahead and give you a tour of her room, even though it’s still pretty bare. Because I need some advice. Please hold all questions until the end. There will be a quiz.

This is standing in the doorway, looking in.


It was not our original intention for her to have a blue/grayish room. This used to be our office and is painted “Official Dallas Cowboy Silver” from Home Depot (and thus the TV still hung on the wall). We decided not to paint, at least for now. It actually looks pretty good with the bedding, so we may end up leaving it. (The closet is on the right, just past the changing table.)

This view is standing in front of the closet door, looking back toward the window.


The window is currently my biggest problem. It faces our front entry area, so the outside light is literally right outside her window. Thus the need for blackout curtains.

And finally, my favorite part, the bedding my Mom made! (I put one of Caedmon’s old sheets on the bed. We don’t have any girly ones…yet!)




Here’s another shot of the window area with my second favorite thing…the chair.


I bought curtains the other day, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted. My thoughts were that they would probably carry through to her next room makeover and would coordinate with this rug I want to get to go in front of the changing table.

Funky Zebra Accent Floor Rug

Now I’m not sure. And I’m normally not an indecisive person. But for some reason I’m having trouble with this. Here’s what I got:



I really like them. But I can’t decide if they will make the room feel dark and heavy. I don’t want to hang them up and then try to return them. Mainly because that’s not nice and because I don’t think they’ll let me. Plus if I go to all that work, I probably won’t want to take them down again. This brand/type of curtains are the most cost-effective way to get blackout curtains in her room. I could buy any curtains I want and get blackout panels, but it would cost more than double to do that. And remember how that “money” thing isn’t unlimited? Yeah.

These curtains do come in other colors, but the only other color that actually matches the bedding is light pink. And I’m just not a light-pink-kind-of-girl. Because that would be a lot of light pink. Husband suggested purple (because they have a light purple), but there’s no purple in Baby Sister’s bedding and I think that just might be a bit awkward.

Some of you might ask what’s going to be on the walls. I have a large baby blue canvas with white lettering that will likely go over her bed, a black-framed oval mirror to go over the changing table, and a 3-photo, chunky silver frame that will eventually contain her newborn portraits.

I’ve also considered bringing some zebra print into the room in a few other small places besides the rug – the lampshade for the lamp that will be beside the chair, ribbons used to hang some tissue rosette kissing balls from the light fixture, and on a vase/stand that will be on the chest of drawers. (Those are some of those projects I mentioned earlier.)

Anyway, it comes down to the quiz I promised earlier. Do I use these “raspberry” curtains or go for the light pink? Help me decide!

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  1. I am loving the bedding. It is coming along so good!:)

  2. raspberry all the will make the little bit of raspberry in the bedding really pop. We have blackout curtains and it's the best money I have ever spent:)

  3. Yes, but these were not found at a second-hand store. ;)

  4. I have the same curtains in green for my daughter's green and purple room. They're great. And they will let you return them if they've been taken out...I found this out because we accidentally bought one that was too short. Oops! We're happy with them though!