Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I’ve Been Bitten

I’ve officially been bitten by the “little girl” bug. Last night, we went to register at Target. I’d waited until now because I knew they would have their new spring and summer stuff out and I wouldn’t have to worry too much about seasonal stuff being gone.

Anyway. Husband and Caedmon went too. They needed to pick out some things for Baby Sister. And they have pretty good taste, I’m proud to say. (However, there is a blue elephant on our registry. Caedmon insisted that she needs it to snuggle with.)

We started on the diaper aisle and worked our way across the baby section. Diapers & wipes? Easy. Bath stuff? Easy. Gear and accessories? Easy.

Blankets and burp cloths? So cute.

Clothes? Oh my goodness.

Ya’ll. First, it was hard for me to not look at the blue section. I’ve been so trained the past three+ years to limit myself to that tiny section of blue & brown and ignore the pink, purple, greens, and everything else that’s all pretty and frilly. So it was a definite change to be able to look at that stuff – and not just longingly in an “I wish there were this many choices for boys” kind of way. But in an “I can actually pick some of this stuff out” kind of way.

And it was kinda fun. No, not kinda fun. It was really fun.

I tried not to go overboard. Because we already have some basic things that she can wear, even if they are “boy colors” and/or gender neutral. But the pink and the orangey-pink (you never get to say that shopping for boys’ clothes) and yellow and green and purple…it was all so stinking cute! Even the socks were cute.

I’m going to have to go back and review what I actually put on there and maybe adjust some sizes. It’s hard to know what to get for her, but I imagine that we’ll make do. And if we decide we need some more things…it’s just more shopping! I think I can handle it.

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  1. Oh yes! The girl section is so much better than the boy. Charles hardly gets anything new because I never can find anything as cute as I do in the girls. Poor kid. (internet shopping for him)
    If this baby looks anything like Caedmon you will have a hard time dressing her in his old clothes. McKenna looks so much like Charles, anything boy like/gender neutral on her is like looking at my son 4 years ago. Very strange.

  2. Yes, girl stuff is so adorable. I find myself looking for Little C some clothes while I am in Target and before I know it I am in the girls section with a stack in my arm. What am I doing?! I just cant resist!

  3. I am so excited for you! Yes, shopping for little girls is tons of fun, but having a daughter is tons of fun, too! Super duper fun!!! I am love'in the raspberry curtains and Little Miss's bedding! You will love the blackout!