Friday, January 14, 2011

They DO Exist!

Look what I found at Target yesterday.


Not the boy, I already had him. The hat and mittens!


After lamenting that there were no hats or gloves to be found in this town, I stumbled upon some. But if I hadn’t been wandering aimlessly at Target in giddiness at my few hours of KDO freedom, I’d never have found them.

Because they were on the baby onesie aisle. Yep. Right next to the onesies. Isn’t that the perfect place for big kid hats and stuff? Yeah, I thought so too.

I honestly contemplated buying more than one set. But then I thought I probably didn’t need to and it wouldn’t be nice of me because surely there were other people who might need to buy hats and gloves/mittens in January. Although, they’ll only find them if they’re also shopping for onesies.

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  1. Found the exact same thing at Target last the onesies.

  2. The miracles of marketing. Maybe that is the real reason that consumerism is suffering a downturn. People have the money - they just don't have the time to jump through the dang hoops the stores impose upon shoppers. Doesn't just happen at Target.

  3. I bought Miles the same one. I was actually buying onesies and found the hat. I was surprised to see hats size 2T-5 in the baby section... but thankful, since my little guy has a big head and a 'fro :)