Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby #2: 25 Weeks

Baby #2 Highlights

How Far Along: 25 weeks (Need to catch up? Here’s last week.)

Size of Baby: About 13 1/2 inches long from head to toe and weighs about as much as an average-sized rutabaga, or about a pound and a half. I don’t think I’ve ever laid eyes on an actual rutabaga. And I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten one. Seriously, where do these people come up with this stuff?

Big Brother Caedmon: He loved playing in the snow on Monday. But he quickly gets cabin fever and by Monday night, this was the conversation at our house:

Caedmon: “Momma, I’m thinking about going somewhere.”

Me: “Really? Where are you thinking about going?”

Caedmon: “To the bookstore.”

Me: “I don’t think we’ll be going to the bookstore.”

Caedmon: “How about Sonic?” (He knows my weakness!)

Me: “No, no Sonic either, though that would be nice.”

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve maintained since my doctor’s appointment. Yay! So still at +15. We’ve eaten a lot better since the holidays. But that Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast is so tempting! And why does the Valentine’s chocolate have to be out already? Monday, I was seriously hungry all. day. long. And what did I want? Sweets. Of any sort. “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

I still haven’t made an apple pie. Seriously, if I make one, does anyone want to eat it? Minus a slice, of course.

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much only in public. At home, I still wear my regular sweats & t-shirts.

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Yes! She has busy days and quiet days. On her busy days, I can sit on the couch and watch my belly jump. On her quieter days, she’s like a dainty little thing, politely tapping at the walls of her cozy little home. I’m really hoping that doesn’t mean she won’t hold well to a schedule. Because if ya’ll know anything about me by now, it’s that I need some order in my life.

Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty well. I’ve pretty much put the coughing fits behind me (knock on wood) so that makes it much easier to sleep.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams. Mild, occasional reflux. Just more normal stuff like that, nothing big.

What I Miss: Nothing, really.

Cravings: Nothing in particular right now besides sugar.

Best Moment This Past Week: Having some time to take some BABY things out of Caedmon’s room and get them ready to go into BABY SISTER’S room. Actually, it was sort of bittersweet. I loved getting some things out for Lil’ Sis, but realizing that those things can permanently leave Caedmon’s room was a bit sad. My boy’s growing up, ya’ll.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Caedmon’s getting some new (to us) furniture this weekend, and I’m so excited! His current stuff will be passed down to Baby Sister, and he’ll get to have his new Buzz Lightyear sheets on his bed. I think I’m looking forward to that more than he is.

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