Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Non-Snow Day

Yesterday’s snow was a non-event. We had a dusting that ended up mostly melting by the end of the day. It almost made me wish I had somewhere to go, especially with more snow on the way and the possibility that today might actually be super yucky.

Not long after Caedmon woke up, we came to the great diametric opposition: Caedmon wanted to go out in the snow. I didn’t. But I didn’t want to be a loser, boring Mom (at least not all the time). And knowing that my 8-year-old self would hate me for not wanting to go out and play just made it worse.

I put it off as long as possible, but it was inevitable. So around 11, I bundled him up. I bundled myself up, which was a feat. Because the coat? It does not want to zip over the pregnant belly.

Anyway, I went out long enough to give a snowball lesson and take some pictures.




(Have I said today how much I love our new camera?)

Then I found Caedmon a few trucks to play with in the snow and left him to his own devices. He happily “mowed” the snow for the next 20 minutes and had himself a good old time while Oz and I watched from the other side of the glass.




He finally came in (with wet hands, mind you, because no one sells gloves in January) and ate soup for lunch. And when I say “ate soup,” I mean that he sucked the “juice” out of his Toy Story-Noodle soup and refused to eat the noodles, chicken, or carrots.

And while you might think that some nice morning time out in the snow would facilitate a good nap, you would be mistaken. Because Caedmon played, talked, and generally got himself in trouble for the first hour of his “naptime.” He finally fell asleep. I hate it when naptime becomes a battle. It doesn’t have to be. And we have the same conversation every day.

Caedmon: Why do we have nap when it’s daylight outside? Why do I have to take a nap?

Me: You take a nap every day. Every day. Yes, even when it’s light outside. That’s what a nap is. It’s sleeping while it’s light. We take naps so we can be rested and happy and grow big and strong.

Caedmon: But I don’t want to take a nap.

Me: That doesn’t really matter. Because you’re having naptime anyway.

Caedmon: Ok.

See? Every day. Every single day of my life. And his. And yet it’s a complete surprise when 1:45pm rolls around and I announce that it’s almost naptime. I love my boy and wouldn’t trade my “job” for any other in the world. But sometimes having the same conversation with someone who doesn’t understand logic is a bit tiresome.

And now? I think I need a nap.

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  1. We have had a few snow days around upstate SC as well. I totally understand how hard it is to find snow gear to fit over a pregnant belly. Thank goodness I lost quite a bit of weight before getting pregnant so those coats still fit. However, DHs long johns about cut my cirulcation off on this 27 (almost 28) week belly. I love reading your blog and am now a follower. Head on over to our blog and read about our crazy life in SC! :) Lana