Friday, December 17, 2010

Shredder or Drummer…Why Decide?

So, you know how Caedmon was loving the iShred the other day? Guess what he loves even more.

Rock Band.

Aunt Trump played with him at Mom & Dad’s the other day.


He’s serious about his music.


They swapped places for a while. Several times.


M3 (who works for a certain country music artist) told me he needs to decide if he’s going to be a shredder or a drummer. And that the shredders get all the girls. I don’t think getting girls is a problem for Caedmon at this point, so I suppose he can play whichever he likes. Or both. We all know my child is talented enough to handle them both. Right?


When he wore out Aunt Trump, Aunt Squirt played with him for a while. I think he played for a solid hour before they were able to convince him to go do something else. But he wanted to go back to it later. And he wanted the mic hooked up so someone could sing. I can guarantee the next time we are over at Mom & Dad’s, he’ll head straight for the XBox.

On another note, if someone has a Rock Band for Wii they’re not using anymore, let me know. I’m really hoping the Paper Jamz he’s getting for Christmas (Shhh…don’t tell him!) will suffice for now. But since he’s had a taste of the good stuff, he may never go back.

(Also, Happy Birthday to Fidget!)

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  1. He is so cute! And with this little taste of the good stuff he WILL want it all the time. I have to put a time limit on Charles because he would play Wii all day every day.
    We got Disney Sing it for the kids, with an extra mic because I'm sure they will fight over it.