Monday, December 20, 2010

Baking Day

My sisters and I got together at Mom and Dad’s on Saturday to do some baking. I don’t think we’ve ever all gotten together to do that, though we’ve tried. I wanted to bake, but I didn’t want to have to eat everything by myself, nor did I want to do all the work by myself. So who better to call on than my sisters?

We got started with Squirt and Fidget (between texts) helping me roll out PW’s Cinnamon Rolls, while Curly and Trump ran her pink Kitchen Aid (that I am openly jealous of) to get some cookie dough going.



Mom and Dad wrangled the little guys while we were in the kitchen.


Caedmon likes to “help”  Papa Duke when we go to their house.


We put Fidget to work with the “cookie gun” to press the Spritz cookies.


Meanwhile, the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven.


They’re not as pretty as Ree’s, I’m sure, but that doesn’t keep them from tasting good!

I divided up the icing so everyone could apply their own.


In between batches of cookies, we helped Fidget choose a sweater from Mom’s closet for an ugly sweater Christmas party.


While it’s a little disturbing that Mom did actually wear that in public at some point, I am glad to say that it’s been buried in the closet for years.

The guys ended up watching Cars.


Squirt had herself a little nap on the couch in the midst of it all, while the nephews took the opportunity to pester a defenseless aunt.

I didn’t get any pictures of Fidget rolling out the cookie dough, or us all sitting and icing cookies. Nor did I get a shot of all our loot divided up to take home with us. But I did get a picture of Mom washing dishes. How she ended up washing dishes after all that, I have no idea.


We each ended up with some cinnamon rolls and a pan full of cookies something like this.



Don’t laugh at our frosting job. There were a lot of cookies. And the sisters prefer buttercream icing, so that’s what we used. It’s not exactly the easiest to spread on weird-shaped cookies. But it still tastes good.

We had fun baking together. Or at least I think we did. No one left with any bruises or open wounds, so I’m guessing a good time was had by all. Our husbands should be pleased with the cookies and cinnamon rolls. I know mine is. And we left an extra pan of cinnamon rolls at Mom & Dad’s because NLB might just eat a whole pan by himself when he gets home from wherever he is doing his pre-deployment training right now.

I still have no idea how we’re going to eat all we brought home. Except the cinnamon rolls. Those will be no problem. Next time, we may make half the cookies and double the cinnamon rolls.

I think it’s safe to say there will be no shortages of sugar rushes in a certain little boy over the next week or so. What have I done?

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  1. The sweater is PERFECT for an Ugly Sweater party. I love the lace collar - such a delicate addition! Ha! :]

  2. It was a fun day for me. I think it's the very first time all 5 girls were in the kitchen without a single fight. Ya'll are all growing up I suppose! And about that sweater...I am sure I was all the rage with a red turtleneck and my poofy bangs!

  3. I'm thinking there may not be a storage of sugar in a certain pregnant mommma and growing girl...but what do I know! :)

    Mom, Jill and I did this last year and had so much fun! Glad you girls had a great time, too!

  4. If you need to get rid of extra cookies....I'm just sayin'. Haha. We do this every year too and love it!

  5. Looks like such a fun time! I have been dying to try the cinnamon rolls myself and maybe this was just the inspiration I needed! I think they would be perfect on Christmas morning! Merry Christmas! Lana :)

  6. Those look super delish! I want some cookies now! ;)