Monday, December 06, 2010

Our Weekend in List form

My brain cannot even begin to put together a cohesive timeline of our weekend, so you get to experience it in a list.

1. On Thursday, I ran by a furniture store to check out a chair I’d seen online. After I’d finished nursing Caedmon and had spent hours upon hours in the glider we had, I decided that when we had a new baby, I’d be getting a new chair. I spent almost a year of my life sitting in that chair, and I wanted something more comfortable this time around. I need room for Caedmon to rock with us. Because you know it will happen. And I want something I can put in our room or the living room when I’m done, so it couldn’t be a “nursery” chair.  Anyway, the chair is perfect. But I didn’t buy it. Not yet. But soon. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, I have a white glider & ottoman with a cotton denim-looking fabric on the cushions if anybody wants it. Seriously.

2. When I got home from running around like a crazy woman on Thursday, there was a nice surprise waiting for me. Husband sent me flowers in honor of our little girl. PINK flowers.



3. Presents are wrapped and under the tree…all of them! I’ve always wanted to do coordinated wrapping for every gift, and this year I think I managed to pull it off. Thanks to Target and their after Christmas sale on wrapping paper last year, I bought each roll for 75 cents. I can get all sorts of coordinated for 75 cents a roll!


4. Caedmon got a haircut. He needed one desperately. I made an appointment for him to get it cut at the cosmetology school where HLB’s girlfriend/friend who is a girl (I can’t keep up with all these relationship statuses) is attending. Only to get there and find out they can’t cut Caedmon’s hair because he’s under 5.

Blast the state and its laws that attempt to keep our children from getting poked with scissors by nervous cosmetology students.

We had to make other plans, and he cried when we left without a haircut. See? He needed one badly enough for a three-year-old to care about it. But we were able to have HLB and S come over Sunday after church and she cut his hair in our kitchen. It looks great and he loves it.

5. Husband took me out for my (early) birthday on Friday night to one of my favorite places. It was a good time for it, because I was in one of those pregnancy modes where I thought my stomach was going to eat the rest of me. I ate until I was full and my stomach was still growling. It’s the most awkward thing I’ve ever experienced. So I did what any pregnant woman would do. I ate more. I’ll teach that growling stomach who’s boss.

6. After we left the restaurant, I drug Husband to the fabric store. Hey, it was my birthday date. And just so you know, I loathe shopping for fabric. I really do. But we needed to make a decision for our baby girl’s bedding. We’d already scouted online and had an idea of what we liked. So we were able to choose a few things and were out of there in less than 30 minutes. But not before Husband muttered, “’Hey, what did you do on your Friday night?’ ‘Oh, I went to the fabric store.’” Because we’re glamorous like that. Totally page-six worthy.

I haven’t purchased anything yet. I’m hoping to catch a sale, but I’ll be buying it soon because it’d be my luck that they’d run out and wouldn’t be restocking that one, single, solitary fabric we wanted. I’ll show it to you after we get it. I don’t want to jinx myself. Or, you know, cause a mad rush on the one fabric we can agree on. Because I know ya’ll care so much about what I like that you’d instantly have to have it for your own house. See? This page-six celebrity life is totally going to my head.

7. Caedmon still isn’t sure about this whole “baby sister” thing. He really wanted a brother. Really. But hopefully he’ll warm up to the idea. He sure likes the giraffe he picked out for her, though. He’s carried that thing around a lot this weekend, and we keep reminding him that it doesn’t belong to him…it belongs to his baby sister. I’m sure it’s hard to comprehend since she’s not actually here yet.

But he did let her “hold” it one day. He would pull the cord to turn the music on and then lay it across my belly so she could hear the music and “hold” her giraffe. He thought that was pretty cool. I did too.

8. One day, I think it was Saturday, (isn’t it sad when I have to say “I think it was…”) I stayed in my pajamas literally all day. I still managed to do a few loads of laundry and stuff, but staying in PJs all day was pretty nice.

9. Oz has an owie. I’m not sure how he skinned an eraser-sized spot on the top of his head, but he did. Caedmon was quite concerned. It’s no broken elbow, so I’m really not that worried. And I refused to kiss it, even though Caedmon begged me to. This Momma does a lot of things, but kissing doggie owies is not one of them. You can tell how disgruntled Oz is about that.

10. I spent Sunday evening preparing for an off-kilter week. Husband will be using those last two days of vacation you always end up with at the end of the year, so it will change our schedule up just a bit. I love it when he’s home during the day, but it sure does change our daily routine. Mainly because I don’t want to do the things I need to do.

So today we’re going to attempt to take care of some of things that need to be done to get ahead this week. Wish me luck.

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  1. #1-Can't wait to see the chair. I'm one of the few that thinks a chair is a must in a nursery.:)

    #2-It only took a day for him to give into the pink...I knew he would cave, even if it was just slight.

    #6-Can't wait to see the fabric. Our Friday nights were very similar pre Jillian and post gender ultrasound. Ha!