Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Call Me "Gimp"

I don't know if I really have the words to describe the last few days at our house. Insane comes to mind. As does a completely random and bizarre conglomeration of events, if that even makes any sense.

Because there's probably not much coming out of my mouth that makes sense right now.

I don't know of a quick way to tell this story, so settle in. It's going to take a while.

C and I were getting ready to go run an errand and then help Husband with his Tuesday night event. At 4:45, I stepped outside to call Oz in so we could go. Being the good little doggie he is, he came running across the yard at full speed. The only problem is that he missed the step up onto the deck and slammed right into it. He began screeching and crying like I've never heard a dog do before.

I called the vet. Adam, the vet tech, did his best to figure out any way they could fit us in before they closed, but it just couldn't happen. He helped me take care of Oz as best we could for the time being and told me to bring him in first thing the next morning.

C was up every 30 minutes that night, starting at 9:30pm until about 6:30am, when Husband rocked him to sleep and he STAYED asleep until 9:45am. Obviously, my secret weapon had been sleeping next to me all this time and I didn't even know it.

I had Oz at the vet at 8am on Wednesday. He stayed at the vet most of the day, where they doted on him in between x-rays. When I went to pick him up, after a quick orthopedic and x-ray reading lesson I learned that Oz basically has a broken elbow, which might need surgery. And that our vet wanted us to see someone who does orthopedic surgery for a second opinion. Yay.

Meanwhile, C's attutude was going downhill while his snot quotient was going up. Mimi and Mom were both concerned (and when Mom is worried, somebody's usually about to die), so I made a doctor's appointment for 7:50 that evening. We found out he had a sinus infection with the "thickest, greenest stuff" in a kid's throat the doc had seen in a long time. We love to be special.

C was up again several times that night, but ya'll, when I was rocking him at 3:30am, he did something he's never ever done in the middle of the night before. He asked for his Daddy.

So the next time C was awake at about 5:30am, I nudged my secret weapon under the covers beside me and told him he'd been requested. Again, Husband rocked the boy to sleep and he didn't wake up until 9:15. Why did I not find out about this sooner?

Again on Thursday morning we were off to the vet, with C staying at Mimi's house. Vet #2 looked over the x-rays and told me this: he thought our best bet was surgery, which would cost about $900. However, Oz would probably still be a bit gimpy and would have arthritis in his elbow. If we chose to not do the surgery, there's no guarantees of how the elbow would heal, but he could be just fine...he'd be a bit gimpy and would have arthritis in his elbow.

Now, I'm no genius. And I truly believe this guy wasn't trying to sell me on anything. But with two unknowns that quite possibly have close to the same outcome, I'll take the one without the $900 price tag. It took a bit of wrestling with the details to finally come to that conclusion, but that's what Husband and I have decided.

And ya'll, after all the craziness, Husband was sweet enough to take care of everything for a few hours Thursday evening so I could go to a girl's night class social and meet Michelle Duggar. It was great, even though I seriously almost fell asleep at one point. Not because it was boring, but because I was actually still for more than 5 seconds and there was no one wiping snot on me.

C is getting better. He's still super cranky and not napping well, though the night times have gotten better. I probably wouldn't sleep well either with atomic green stuff in my throat. I am praying he gets better quickly and we don't have to postpone his laser surgery, which is scheduled for next Friday.

Oz is doing well. He's frustrated because we have to keep him pretty confined right now so he can heal properly. I've moved his big crate into the living room so he can be part of the family as much as possible. He gets around well on three legs though. Maybe too well. Check it out.
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