Wednesday, December 08, 2010

He’s Back…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Newman story. I’m sure you thought he’d retired or something. I wish. He continues to provide us with the same level of spectacular barely passable mail service on a daily basis. He’s nothing if not consistent.

I finally got around to ordering our family photos. I know, we had them taken the first of October. But it took forever to decide which ones we wanted, then I wanted to order Christmas photos at the same time, and you know how it goes. Anyway, I finally ordered them and the place that printed them decided to send my large 16x20 separate from my other pictures.

It shipped two days before the others. My smaller photos arrived last week. And I’ve still been waiting for my large photo. And waiting. And waiting. The maddening thing is that when I “tracked” it using the USPS site, it told me it was sitting in a facility about 15 minutes from my house…since last week. At least I knew it hadn’t fallen down between the seats in Newman’s truck.

(Didn’t know about that one? We once got a magazine dated September…in January. Yeah, it took him that long to find it. It was in stellar condition, too.)

I was about to get a bit impatient. We are not supposed to have packages left by our postal carrier. He’s supposed to ring the doorbell and if we’re not home, leave a slip for me to pick the package up at the Post Office. Newman has never quite figured that out, and as the local division of our government service seems to have issues with, you know, service, I was getting nervous that it would arrive when I’m not home.

And then today, I went to check the mail. And this is what I found.

Newman 1

Clearly a 16x20 photo is not going to fit in my mailbox. But Newman was not about to get out of his truck and walk himself up to my door. From the other houses in my neighborhood, you can tell that my door is far, far away from my mailbox.

And as I got closer, I got a little more aggravated.

Newman 2

Here’s the photo of my family that I frantically found outfits for, took amid the rumble of hundreds of motorcycles, debated and agonized over which one to get, and finally placed an order with Husband’s hard-earned money, then waited weeks for it to arrive. And it was hanging out of my mailbox. For who knows how long. Because Newman can’t be bothered to be held to a schedule.

But I have to give him credit. Newman did take some security measures.

Newman 3

In the form of a rubber band. I sure am glad he had that rubber band. Who knows what would’ve happened to my precious photo if he’d not had one of those things.

(If he’d broken yet another mailbox in the process, I would’ve lost my ever-loving mind. Just sayin’.)

But at least I have my family picture. It was unharmed in the process of delivery. When I get it mounted and framed, I’ll feel much better.

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  1. I suppose these pictures will be printed in a letter of complaint that will be hand-delivered to your postmaster...because you can't depend on your mail carrier to deliver it in a timely or appropriate manner.

  2. Oh my goodness! This made me laugh so hard! I'm a new reader so I've never read the Newman stories before. I will now!! :)

  3. Hello.... Newman.

  4. LOL!! Sydney was telling me about this post last night so I had to jump over and read are hilarious!