Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas In Pictures, Part 2

Friday, Christmas Eve, I woke up with a cough reminiscent of Cousin Eddie’s dog yakkin’ on a bone underneath the dining room table. But I still had the turkey in the oven by 7:30am and we were rollin’ with our Christmas dinner.

I think I did pretty well, considering we didn’t want a ton of stuff and it was my first time to make the big holiday meal.

I did make a royal mess when the potatoes boiled over, though. Nice, huh?


Nana made a broccoli salad for us. It was delicious.


I also made cranberry sauce from scratch. I’m not a huge fan of cranberry sauce, so it’s hard to tell if it was “really good” or just passable. But it was a recipe from Emeril, so I’m guessing he knows what he’s doing.


I believe Husband tweeted a few photos of the food. Which is good, because I didn’t take any photos of it after it was actually done. Except for the new dessert I mentioned earlier. It was really good! (I’ll share the recipe soon!)


We had our big Christmas lunch, then prepared ourselves for the Christmas Eve service. And by preparing ourselves, I mean everyone sat around while Caedmon pretended to nap. I ran to a local boutique that was having an amazing sale and bought a few things for Baby Sister that I just couldn’t resist.

We went to the Christmas Eve service, where Husband and a couple of his friends opened the service with a little fun. Part of the fun was that they were all wearing these shirts.


After we got home, Caedmon got to open his gifts from Nana and Poppy.



I think Daddy has as much fun with Caedmon’s toys as he did!



Poppy joined the fun, too.


And Oz enjoyed his “turtle dove.”


Caedmon got ready for bed and I read the original “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” to him.


After Caedmon was safely in bed, Husband and Poppy set up Caedmon’s train tracks.


And it was all set and ready for the next morning!


Next up, Christmas Day!

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