Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas In Pictures, part 1

Our Christmas weekend started on Thursday. Nana and Poppy arrived, and I spent much of the day baking and prepping for our Christmas Eve dinner. I made a new dessert recipe I’ll be sharing soon!

I’d planned on decorating gingerbread men cookies with Caedmon. (I’d love to do a house, but I think that’s a bit much for my patience and his self-control at this point.) The only problem was that I read the wrong directions on the package and added the cake ingredients instead of the cookie ingredients. I thought about trying to salvage it, but decided to just go with it.


So we had gingerbread cupcakes. They were good and Caedmon didn’t mind, but I still consider it a MommyFAIL. Nana, Husband, Caedmon and I decorated the cupcakes. It was hard to keep Caedmon from eating all the mini M&Ms, but he had a blast with it and they were actually pretty good.

Caedmon and Poppy played Don’t Break The Ice. Oz still isn’t sure about the new camera. He either runs or watches intently. This time he chose to stare.


Husband and Nana, guarding our gingerbread cupcakes.


Next up, Christmas Eve!

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