Friday, December 31, 2010

The Chair

Remember when I said I wanted a new chair for the nursery? We found a new home for the glider before Christmas. And I was waiting until after Christmas to get the new chair so we’d have a place to put it.

NLB is a sweet brother. He not only agreed to pick up the chair and bring it home for us so we didn’t have to have it delivered, he rousted Coe out of bed (and brought Coe’s brother along) to help him unload it since Husband would be at work. They met us at the furniture store, loaded the chair up, and brought it home and set it up for me.


The chair will temporarily live in the living room until we’re ready to move it into Baby Sister’s room.

We really like it. And I’m glad…I’ll be spending a lot of time in it soon!


I felt terrible, however, that NLB’s starter on his truck died during the process. He and Coe ended up laying on their backs in the street outside my house repairing his truck. At least he was here and I could offer him the socket extension he needed and a piece of cardboard to lay on instead of the pavement. It’s the little things, really.

I have no idea what we’re going to do when NLB leaves us for 6 months to go overseas to defend our country. I suppose it’s a bit more noble a task than delivering a chair for your sister. Still, we’ll miss him. And Coe, too, since he’s sort of an extension of our family. I imagine some special packages containing cookies will be in order.

At Christmas, we were talking about the Middle East and all that junk going on over there. NLB said he wasn’t afraid to go…the torture life experiences he’d had growing up with all his siblings had well prepared him. Who knew that getting tied up and left, tossed off the trampoline, and generally wailed on as a kid was training for a grown-up job? If that’s the kind of love his siblings gave him, I can just imagine how well he’s handled all his military training.

I know it’s a bit sappy (and not really like me – maybe it’s the hormones), but I’ll be thinking of NLB when I’m sitting up at night rocking Baby Sister. And all the other guys and girls over there. Because while they’re awesome at home, delivering chairs and such, they’re even more awesome over there, doing what they do to keep the world safe.

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  1. Your sweet sentiments make me teary-eyed.
    2011 will be a year for the record books. Brother across the ocean in the mountains...2 new grandbabies...our 'baby' going to college...and a few other surprises that are lurking out there!