Monday, November 29, 2010

Epic Thanksgiving Week Recap

I hope ya’ll enjoyed your Thanksgiving. And if you were crazy enough to actually go shopping on Black Friday, I hope you survived. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. And I would be sad.

Our whole week was crazy.

Monday, we ditched our regular schedule and enjoyed a playdate with some friends who were visiting from out of town. I tried to get some pictures of the kids playing together, but they were pretty blurry. Busy, they were. It was fun.

As I prepared for a girls’ night out, I noticed Caedmon was warm and didn’t act like he was feeling well. But his temperature was normal, so I left my guys at home and headed to dinner and a movie with friends. By the time I got to the restaurant, Caedmon had a fever of nearly 101. Great. But Husband took care of everything and I got to stay for the movie.

Meanwhile, Julee reminded me that last winter, Caedmon accurately predicted every incident of winter weather by having fever 24-48 hours before each storm hit. We jokingly wondered if we would have a white Thanksgiving. Later that evening, I Tweeted our local weather guy, and he’d just, in fact, changed the forecast to include freezing precipitation for Thursday. Go figure.

Girls' Night Out

Yes, we asked a random guy standing in the movie concession line to take our picture. We’re weird like that.

Caedmon was asleep, but still running a bit of a fever when I got home. He slept very well, considering he never sleeps when he’s sick. He even slept late Tuesday morning. I know.

Tuesday, I took Caedmon to the doctor. My Mommy-senses were tingling. He was complaining of his neck hurting, he wasn’t eating, was complaining of his stomach hurting, and he’d actually slept while he was sick. And it’s a good thing we went. He had the classic early symptoms of strep, and his test was positive. It’s our first time with strep, but I told the doctor I was happy to have something like that instead of the nasty puking bug that’s been going around. And something about it made him sleep, so that’s better than dealing with sickness on no sleep.

The rest of Tuesday was spent taking care of the boy and catching up on chores around the house. I don’t even know how many loads of laundry I did, but at one point I felt like my arms would fall off from folding. Again Tuesday night, Caedmon slept. A-ma-zing.

Wednesday, Husband was home. Caedmon was still running a fever, but he felt much better. I can’t really tell you what I accomplished besides endeavoring to completely disinfect the entire house (because I do NOT want strep throat), but it seems like I was crazy busy all day long. Caedmon’s fever broke about bedtime and stayed down all night. I know that because he was awake several times throughout the night. The streak was broken.

Thursday, we slept a little late and hung around the house all morning. I made this Pumpkin Dessert for our dinner, and we headed over to Mom & Dad’s.

On the way over, it began to sleet.

We joined the crew at Mom & Dad’s and had a great time.



And guess what Mimi brought.


Red Velvet Cheesecake. Ya’ll, it was so good. And seriously, nobody else wanted any. So I brought the rest of it home.


I may or may not have had another piece that night. The next day, it felt as though I might as well have spackled it to my rear. But don’t think that stopped me from eating more.

Cousin Q is rocking some mad walking skillz now.


Trump managed to make a horse out of Duplos. She’s talented like that.


And the Dominoes came out.


HLB stuck to his own game.


He’d been at work. Outside. On a roof. With the sleet and snow. And was on his way back.

Oh yeah, there was actually sleet, freezing rain, and a little bit of snow. Caedmon’s fever was right. Again.



We didn’t stay terribly long at Mom & Dad’s. Caedmon was feeling much better, but he was still very tired. He fell asleep on the way home, but sadly, his nap didn’t last long once we got home.

Husband and I decided to get the Christmas décor going. And while we were putting the tree up, two strands of twinkle lights died. I tried putting in new fuses. And whoever made those things was not a nice person. Plus, changing those blasted things never works. I was not happy. Because that meant a trip to Walmart. But at 6:30 on Thanksgiving day, there was nobody there. I bought my lights and left.

And then the lights on the mantle greenery crapped out on me too. I about lost my mind. But I’d bought some extra lights. I just wasn’t dealing with it then. I left the mess and went to bed. I may have twitched a bit though, because I can’t leave dishes piled in the sink and stuff strolled all over the living room and be at peace.

But I was tired. So I slept. Caedmon didn’t, though. He was up approximately 87 times for no apparent reason. It was not very fun.

I know ya’ll can only handle so much of us, so I’ll have to finish up our week/weekend tomorrow. And I’d love to hear some highlights from your Thanksgiving!

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  1. We love holiday-time dominoes in our family too :-) Glad Caedmon is feeling better!

  2. We had a crazy week that started with sickness (that killed my GNO of shopping with my mom--sigh), crazy last-minute packing (which caused me to leave my house unclean. I hate coming home to a huge mess.), and then lots of out-of-town-ness BUT it was a great week with so much to be thankful for!

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glad C is feeling better. (c: