Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Epic Thanksgiving Week, Part 2

Yeah, yesterday’s post just got you through Friday. Now for the weekend!

Saturday we hung out at home.


Saturday afternoon, we headed to Deputy Guy & Curly’s for Cousin Q’s first Birthday party!


Caedmon confiscated Cousin Q’s gift from Trump before he even got to play with it. I don’t think Q cared.


They hung out at the fireplace…


And Cousin Q opened gifts.


Then…it was time for cake!


And some genius gave Q a cupcake with green icing.


Needless to say, he loved it!


We made it home to watch the game. Caedmon fell asleep in the car and kept sleeping once we got home and transferred him to his bed. We had to wake him up at 5:30. Obviously the sugar didn’t give him a rush like it did Cousin Q…who was still going strong at 10pm, from what I hear. And showed up at church the next morning with green fingers.

Sunday was a great day at church. Then, after lunch, our house was inundated with computer nerds as they gathered and turned our living room into a nerdery for the rest of the day. It was fun, though. I always enjoy when the guys come over, even if they do get a little loud sometimes and I end up being the one to go after the pizza. I usually bake for them, and I sort of felt badly that I didn’t get to this time. Maybe next time.

NLB was one of the nerd flock who was here, and we got to give him a good hug. He leaves today for more training in preparation to deploy to Afghanistan in January/February.

And Monday was our usual – groceries (in the rain) and a good afternoon nap for the boy while I caught up on paperwork. Exciting, I know. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled glamour soon.

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  1. Celebrating the "everyday-ness" of life enables me to be truly grateful. I think your blog helps each of us remember that the "everyday-ness" is as epically (is that a word?) important as the high-powered events in our lives.

  2. I must tell you, that Q slept no more than 5 minutes at a time, and was awake no less than 45 minutes at a time between 8:30 Saturday Night and 2:30 Sunday morning. I was finally able to hold him still long enough for him to fall asleep. I finally was able to move him from my lap to his bed around 3:30 am.

    When Deputy Guy tried to wake me up at 6 to get ready for church I gave him a pretty dirty look. So he decided NOT to make me get up and Q and I stayed home from church. He slept until 8.

    He did have green cuticles and fingernails until Monday though. Food coloring is a great thing. But it all came out of his clothes!