Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Came…I Think

Last week was a roller coaster of sickness at our house. Caedmon would be fine one minute, burning up with fever the next. What we figured out with the doc’s help is that he had a viral thing on top of an ear infection. So yeah, that was great. Not to mention the very two-ness that’s come out of him in the past week, causing all sorts of tantrums and meltdowns and control-freakishness.

I honestly don’t know where he gets his desire to control things.

(Yes I do.)

(He never had a chance.)

It was also a weather roller coaster. Thursday in between fever spells (and honestly, during fever too), we were out playing in the nice warm sunshine, no jacket needed. Friday was the same beautiful weather with warmth and goodness. Caedmon decided the sun was too bright and he needed sunglasses. I promised him that next time we went to the store, I’d get him some.

On Friday afternoon, I left Caedmon with Husband and made a Target run. (By myself!) When Caedmon woke from his nap, Husband called me. “I told him you were going to the store, and he wants to know if you’re getting him some sunglasses.”

The boy remembers everything.

So yes, I bought him some sunglasses. And he loved them. He insisted upon putting them on immediately when I got home and wanted to go outside to test them out.


Also on Saturday morning, he grabbed them first thing and wore them while he watched cartoons.

But the sunglasses were not to be put to proper use over the weekend. Because this is what happened on Saturday.


Yes, snow on the first day of Spring. But I have to admit, it’s not unheard of around here. And due to our track record with fever then snow, we should’ve known it was coming. And since I was cooped up in the house with a sick boy, I had nothing to do but take pictures of the snow. For your viewing pleasure:

This was Saturday night before I went to bed.

DSC09504 DSC09512

And this was Sunday morning. You can still see the bucket and a bit of the tractor.


And Sunday by noon. The bucket is peeking out there, but the tractor is completely covered.


We ended up with about 9 inches of snow at our house before it started melting. It was, however, still snowing through the night.

It was strange to hear birds chirping and singing happily with snow all over the ground.

DSC09532 As Caedmon had been sick all week and still wasn’t quite up to par, I didn’t really want him going outside. So we brought the snow in to him. He was prepared, though. He wore his snow boots.



I promise I will say something constructive this week. But as my brain is coming out of the sick-kid fog, this was all I could muster for today. Wasn’t my week/weekend exciting?

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  1. I wanted to let you know what an awesome blog you have!! I left you an award on my site, please follow the link...


  2. aw poor little thing being so sick! My little one's sick too and it's making us all miserable!