Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Customize Your Own Art

For Caedmon’s room, I wanted to have a lot of custom stuff on the walls. I love custom artwork, but am too cheap frugal to pay someone every time I want something done. So I’ve done a lot over the years, using trial and error as my teachers.

After you decide what you want (and what size), paint your canvas the background color of your choice.


Next, get yourself some graphite paper. I have black and white – love the white for working on a dark background.


The easiest way to transfer your design is to print out what you want in the font, shape or size you want it. No freehand errors, no worrying about lopsided letters or uneven spacing. Lay it over your canvas with the graphite paper sandwiched between and trace the outline using a pencil. Be sure it’s properly centered and aligned the way you want it. Below is an example of the white graphite paper on a dark background.


The easiest thing to use for lettering is a paint marker. They’re about $4 each, which is expensive in my book, but so worth the precision and ease. You can also use paint and a paintbrush (which I’ve done many times for various reasons), but it is more difficult and takes a lot more time.

Below is the scripture I did for Caedmon’s bedside. I transferred it as I described above, then used a paint marker to trace over the graphite letters. And here it is, finished, hanging on Caedmon’s wall over his bedside table.


Those are simple things. But it’s the best way to start. Don’t be afraid to mess up. If you have to, you can just paint over it and start again.

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  1. I love the Rudy's cups for creating levels on your work table. Ha!

  2. Looks good. I like the tags on the cube bins in the last post!

  3. Nice job. Love the scripture.