Monday, September 06, 2010

The Big Boy Room

It’s finally done. The Big Boy Room is complete. And the boy? Loves it.

I neglected to take “before” pictures. So you’ll have to imagine this: Crib. Rocker. Changing table.

No more. Now we have a toddler bed, a play table, and a shelf system. (And the same chest of drawers.)

Ya’ll know I started this whole room makeover with a comforter I found on sale at Walmart. And it’s not even in the room. I still love it and will use it. I just decided a couple of weeks ago that 1) it won’t fit very well with the rail on the bed, and 2) there is no way Caedmon will be making his bed right now, so it would be pointless. We’ll save it for when we get a twin size bed. So I bought him a green fuzzy blanket to use instead. He loves it.

Oh, and the carpet stains? Came up. I was super excited that they came out as well as they did. I’d tried before and wasn’t able to get them up. Now you can’t even tell they were there.

Enough talking about it…here it is!

This is looking in from the door.


Play table and Caedmon’s artwork.


Standing by the window – Caedmon’s bed & toy shelf. Also? The artwork I’ve been working on since right after Christmas. Not completely finished, but close enough to hang in his room until I can get it completed.


Standing by the closet, looking toward the door.


I let Caedmon open his new light for his bedside table. So say he loved it would be an understatement.


And the reveal…not as exciting as I would’ve liked. But totally Caedmon. The details weren’t completely finished yet, but he liked it.

Caedmon did great his first night in his bed. It was surprisingly easy. (I realize I’m cursing myself right now.) The first naptime was not successful, however. But he stayed in his bed. Mostly. And naptimes since then have been just fine.

Caedmon insists on sleeping at the “foot” of the bed, which because of the way the bed used to be, was the “head” (although it’s hard to tell in a crib which way is up). I was afraid he’d fall out because he tends to sleep close to the edge. And one night he fell out of the bed – but he didn’t even wake up. I checked on the monitor and couldn’t see him in his bed. He was curled up halfway on the rug. I scooped him up and deposited him in his bed. He woke up and wondered what happened but went right back to sleep.

Here are some more details, as well as how I did a few things. We’re loving the big boy room, ya’ll!

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  1. It's super cute! I think I know what you did on the bins. I hope I'm right and I hope I can copy it! :-)

  2. Looks great! I love how he 'tested' everything out. Too cute!

  3. love it. It looks great.

  4. What a perfect room for a big boy!