Monday, May 17, 2010

Singin’ In The Rain

Our “April Showers” are a bit late. It rained nearly every day last week. And we all got tired of being cooped up inside.

Following Thursday night’s rain and Friday’s gully-washer, the sand box lid (that had been left off the sand box) was almost completely full of water.


Nevermind that it was barely 70 degrees and everything outside was w.e.t. The boy was begging to go out. And after dinner on Friday night, I decided he could go. I didn’t tell him not to get in the water, so I stood inside and watched, wondering how long it would take him to get in.

Approximately 14 seconds.

He tested the water, then said it was “preezing.” He then proceeded to strip his clothes off and jump in. (I put the undies on him so he wouldn’t be “nake” in the backyard. Ya’ll know we don’t really approve of that.)


He stayed outside until his nose was red and his teeth were chattering. Even then, I had to drag him back inside.

Saturday, however, the weather was a bit warmer. The rain was still hanging around. And Caedmon was still begging to go outside. So out he went.


We were having a break in the rain when he went out. Eventually it started back up, but it was a light rain with no thunder, so I let him stay out. Every kid should get to play in the rain.


Hopefully we’ll see the sun this week. Then we can bring the pool back out. It’s water in one form or another around here!

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  1. Aw, that is so cute!! He is just adorable! Missed seeing you Friday!

  2. I am literally LOL! Only because you are lucky that he decided it wasn't proper to be "nake" in the backyard...yeah, my kids not so much. I was working in that overly huge garden the other night which is on the other side of the shed from the pool...came around the corner to check on the kids who were supposed to be playing on the swingset and I see my son jumping into the pool in his birthday suit...oh yeah and the neighbors were in the backyard! So I calmly (you know cause the neighbors were in the backyard) went over to the pool and threatened to end my childrens lives if they ever went skinny dipping again. Oh the joys of parenthood!