Friday, April 23, 2010

It’s A Barnyard In Here

Caedmon has been…vocal…lately. His vocabulary has grown exponentially and he’s now willing to repeat things you ask him to say. For the longest time he would just stare at you if you asked him to say something. He’d say it when he was good and ready, but I think he was trying to get the point across that he’s not, and never will be, a parrot.

The other day, we bumped into each other in the pantry, and he said, “I sorry ‘bout that, Momma.” So sweet.

Animal sounds have become especially fun, as Caedmon is now willing to tell you what sounds animals make. He’s known them for a long time, but would never play along on-demand.

But you know how detail oriented the boy is. He couldn’t just stop at animal sounds. Every person must have a sound attributed to them. I give you: Caedmon’s Sounds.

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