Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

There’s been a great haircut debate going on at our house for the past few months. About Caedmon’s hair. Thankfully he’s not old enough to really jump in the fray on that yet, so it’s been between Husband and me.

Husband is of the opinion that Caedmon should have long hair while he has the opportunity. One day he’ll be headed off to school, then work, and will be forced to have short hair to uphold the status quo. “Viva la long hair,” he says. Well, that’s not really what he says, but he would if he was of the inclination to use Spanish phrases in everyday conversations.

My thoughts are different. Imagine that. Some little boys can pull off the long hair and still look like little boys. Caedmon was doing so pretty well. But it was starting to get to the point where he would be mistaken for a girl in Walmart. Again.

Caedmon has my thick, fine hair, including a cowlick at the base of his hairline on the back of his neck. I know what kind of stuff the boy is dealing with. It’s heavy and hot. Also, there is a problem when you have to buy a shampoo with conditioner included for your 2 year-old son. Or use a blow dryer on his hair to get it dry within a reasonable amount of time.

So I let Husband know that I was fine with the long hair until the weather began to get warm. But then it would have to come to an end. Not a buzz cut like someone did last summer (hint: it wasn’t my idea), but a nice, shorter haircut that looks like, you know, a boy.

The other night, Husband mentioned that he thought Caedmon needed a trim. I told him that if I got the scissors out, it was getting cut, not trimmed. He agreed it would be ok. So after dinner, I took Caedmon outside and we let the hair fly. Literally.

Let me just say that Caedmon sits infinitely more still when we take him to a salon for a haircut than he did for me the other night. I could’ve sworn the boy had ants in his pants. But he really did well under the circumstances and I think I did a pretty good job, nonetheless.



We went from this:


To this:


It’s really not crooked across the front. The angle on this picture makes it look that way, though.


(He was eating the gummi fruit snacks we used to bribe reward him for a job well done.)

Ahh, much better.

But this is what we left all over the deck and in the wagon (We started in the wagon. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t really know.).DSC00597


So there it is. I’m sure in a few weeks we’ll take Caedmon for a real haircut and let them fix everything I did wrong. But I still like it better than the mop top.

Bring on the summer!

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  1. That looks like a pretty good hair cut job to me. I bet your back was breaking by the time you were finished. Reckon HLB remembers one of his first MOM haircuts? I forgot the guard was off...and zip...almost bald spot on his head. Luckily is was on the back and he couldn't see it. We all made out like it wasn't that big of a deal. He's almost 22 now...his hair finally grew back!

  2. Husbands and hair. He did not want to cut my son's hair until he was 2. We got so many girl comments, but it really was cute. So he got his first haircut at his 2nd bday party while everyone watched. Didn't blog then, but here is a post with a photo of his long hair:
    And I like your blog design too! Thanks for stopping by the blog party.