Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Buzzin’

It was no blast.

It happened so fast.

Husband decided a few days ago that C needed a "summer buzz”. Yeah, we’ve had like, two warm days. And it’s not even May yet.

This is the same man, mind you, that had a fit last time I cut C’s hair, because I cut it “too short.” Apparently this is too short. A buzz is not.

Make sense? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

I have never been a fan of the summer buzz. If you are a summer buzzer or a buzzee who loves the buzzing, more power to you.

I guess having to slather my little brothers’ prickly-haired heads with sunscreen sort of turned me off on the short summer ‘do.

But in a moment of insanity cooperation, I agreed to allow Husband to go at C’s head with the clippers.

Husband did a pretty good job. C did really well too. I almost cried.

Especially when I had to vacuum up my baby’s lustrous hair off the floor.DSC03001So I’m being slightly dramatic. Ok, a lot dramatic.

Don’t get me wrong, my boy is still a cutie. And I think Husband has even decided he might like C’s hair a little longer.

Let me just say that I believe the growing out process began as soon as the clippers were put away.

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  1. C looks a whole year older with his short 'do. Does his hair-do make you look older too?

  2. I really do like the buzz cut!! He looks so cute and so much older though. Tell husband I approve of his cutting skills! :)