Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Hair Fun

Caedmon’s loving the new haircut. He especially loves it after a bath.

No more nearly rubbing his scalp off in an attempt to dry his hair. No more blow drying.

The other day, he had goofed off in his bed his entire naptime and there was no rest. Which, of course meant that by the time we got to about 5:30, everything was either horribly tragic or hysterically funny.

Thankfully, the wet hair in the mirror was the latter.

A few thoughts on the video:

1) Please excuse my attire. I was in the throwes of changing from a “good” outfit to a “comfy” outfit when I was distracted by…life…and never made it back to change my shirt. What you can’t see is my brown heather Aeropostale sweatpants. So at least I was comfy. And only cold from the waist up.

2) Yes, we are standing in the entryway. We have a mirror in the entry, and from the time Caedmon was teeny tiny, that’s been the one we “play” with. Maybe because we can get close to it without having to lean over the sink. But he always wants to check himself out in the mirror after a bath.

3) That laugh at the beginning is so fake. But then he gets tickled and really started laughing again. I love that sound.

4) I think if he’d flopped himself over like that one more time, I might have dropped him. Seriously. That would’ve definitely been horribly tragic.

5) It did cross my mind that he was not wearing a diaper and surely all the laughing might not be a good thing. Thankfully, it did not become an issue.

Sometime next week, I’m going to share a new recipe with ya’ll. I can’t wait!

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  1. Love that laugh!!! It made me laugh out loud...I loved his continuous comment: Again! :-)