Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Knew It Would Come In Handy One Day

Well, the “yadda yadda yadda” came back. It was at our house two weeks ago, and I was hoping it would stay gone for a while. But unfortunately not. And we had our first ever puke-in-the-car episode. While I was by myself with Caedmon. It really wasn’t that bad, because Caedmon gave me some warning and I was able to pull over and grab a towel out of the back of the Xterra and drape it over him just in the nick of time.

Those of you who have mocked my Armageddon-preparedness-kit in the back of my vehicle? Laugh no more. It saved me from having to clean a kid, a carseat and my upholstery in a bank parking lot. I am glad I was prepared but am also praying it never happens again.

We were up all night with fever and more puking, but with just scattered moments of sleep under his belt, the boy was up at 6:30am and ready to go. Bouncing off the walls. And turning on every light in the house because he’s finally tall enough to do so without a stool. If Al Gore had stopped by my house, he would’ve had a heart attack just thinking about all the energy we were wasting. But it’s probably a good thing he didn’t, because having your bedroom light flipped on at 6:30am after a whole 45 minutes of sleep makes Momma a little cranky, and would probably have caused me to tell Al to get right back into his motorcade of SUV’s and pretend he never saw my incandescent light bulbs blazing. Maybe.

The good news is that by 10am, the fever was gone. But the boy was getting to the delirium stage of exhaustion. Things were alternately hysterical and tragic. It was like PMS, only with a 2 year-old who doesn’t have that filter called self-control and doesn’t quite know not take it out on any living being who dares be close to you. Not that I would know what that’s like at all.

So as I sat here and thought about trying to write about something that works for me, I really didn’t have anything practical to share. Except this: I have a marvelous husband who doesn’t complain when I forget to turn the monitor off when Caedmon is sick and I am rocking the boy in his room in the squeakiest glider known to man. I have a husband who works hard so I can stay home with Caedmon and on days like today, do nothing that’s not absolutely necessary. I have a husband who does his best to help out, even when Caedmon insists that “Momma do it.” I have a husband who loves me and does sweet little things for me, even when I’m cranky and look like I was recently run over by a truck.

Oh yes, that totally works for me.

Maybe you should get yourself one of those. Or if you already have one, tell him thanks. And get started on your own Armageddon-preparedness kit. You never know when you might need it.

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  1. Sorry I'm just getting back to you after your sweet comments the other day! Love your blog!!

  2. You can find husbands pretty cheap at Gaming or Movie convention. Trust me - they are pretty much all single. Warning: there is a reason.

  3. I'm working on it... I'm working on it... :OP