Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Portable First Aid

Back when we were sans child, we had furry kids. And we took those dogs to shows. Not the prissy, wear a skirt and parade your dog around on astro turf shows. We went to earthdog shows. In the dirt. And the mud.

After we sort of figured out what we were doing, we realized we needed a serious First Aid kit. For the dogs, mostly. Earthdog trials are rough, ya’ll. (But super cool!) So we put together a small First Aid kit that could travel with us to trials.

Anyway, we no longer have the dogs that love the dirt, but we do have a kid. And as the Type A, list-making planner, I always want to be prepared for any situation. And let’s face it, your purse is only so big.

So I took the old First Aid kit we had for the dogs and gave it a makeover. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s a bit bigger than the “shoebox” size plastic tub.

Here’s what it contains so far (Left to right, back to front): Glow sticks, space blankets, ponchos, baby powder, Germ-X, Antiseptic wash, instant cold pack, mini plastic bags (yes, these were for doggies, but they’re the same ones you use for diapers), bandage roll, gauze roll, bandage tape, eye drops, saline solution, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, petroleum jelly, A&D Ointment, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hand warmers, sanitary pads (can also be used in bandaging), band-aids, Pepto-Bismol, wet wipes, peanut butter crackers, Tums, Tylenol & Ibuprofen, Dramamine, cotton balls, Benadryl, Claritin. DSC03283And yes, it all fits into the tub. And the lid closes. (I am a packing master.)DSC03291I have a few more things I’d like to add, including latex gloves, glucose tablets, and scissors. They'll fit. I will MAKE them fit.

It rides in the back of our Xterra, always available. Always prepared. DSC03277I should’ve been a Boy Scout.

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  1. Curly7:37 AM

    I have a first aid kit in both of my vehichles. However, mine is adjusted for horses! A much larger animal, and a much larger container! But I keep lots of things in it for people too. Makes it simple.

  2. Take a pencil or pen and wrap it with as much duck tape as you can.. Less bulky then a whole roll of duck tape and the writing instrument comes in handy.. I would also include a bandanna or two.

  3. Ohhhh and sunscreen something for bug bites..

  4. Wait, were you a Boy Scout or something? Ha! Look at me, getting advice from my Eagle Scout buddy.

    I carry Duck Tape in the tub under the first aid kit - it's a "car kit" and has tools in it...and a giant roll of shop towels, extra oil, etc. And I carry sunscreen in the diaper bag. Weird, I know. But the bug bites - yes, I definitely need to add something for that since C swells up like a balloon when he gets bitten by just about anything. Thanks!

  5. Sounds like you are about to need a bigger car lol

  6. No, I will MAKE it fit in that little tub.

  7. At first I thought you were preparing for a natural disaster, then I realized it was just a first aid kit. You crack me up! I hope you are near me on the road if I even am in need of something!:)

  8. I'm torn. I don't know whether to feel compltely jealous or think you are an over prepared nut. But really, if I get all that stuff, will you pack it for me? :)

  9. I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared, so go ahead and call me a nut! Ha! And most of those things are probably not necessary until the boy starts playing sports, but you've got to get in the habit, right?

    And Jill, of course I will help you pack your stuff!

  10. LOVE this! I'm going to go get mine started!!!