Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Eyes Have It

I went to the eye doctor last week and was given some news I didn’t really expect nor care to hear. It wasn’t terrible. Just, let’s say, unfriendly.

My eye doctor is great. I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a nice man. And he is kind. But he told me that my eyes were not happy. And the reason they were not happy is that my contacts were being unfriendly to them. Which made me unhappy as well. He told me I had to wear my glasses for several days before going back to my contacts. So I left the office, practically blind (thankfully, Husband was driving), and came home to put my glasses on.

I’ve had glasses since the 8th grade. And I probably should’ve had them before then, because when I put them on for the first time, I was all, “I can read the street signs!” and “I can see leaves on the trees!”

And thus I wore glasses until 10th grade, when I finally got contacts. I never had any trouble with contacts. My learning curve was practically zero when it came to putting them in. Apparently poking my finger in my eye was not a problem. Who knew? I’ve never been able to sleep in them, and take them out every night. And can I just say that whoever invented the contact solution that removes gunk without having to scrub them deserves a Nobel Prize. A Peace prize. Because those of you who wear contacts know what having to rub the gunk off of them can do to your sanity. And scads of unstable people who can’t see are likely to cause a ruckus.

I’ve always kept a pair of glasses (Some of them Husband still makes fun of, and rightfully so.) and I actually wore them a lot when I was pregnant and nursing because my eyes were so dry. But I do love my contacts. I feel more like “me” when I wear them. It’s one of the things I decided was a must-do each morning before getting Caedmon out of bed. With my contacts in, I feel as though I can face the world and not have to worry about having my glasses knocked off when the day tries to smack me down. (Think maybe I played sports too much while wearing glasses?)

It’s not that I dislike my glasses. I don’t. The pair I’m wearing now are old, but they’re my favorites. Black plastic rims. Simple. Versatile. I went for something a little more trendy a couple of years ago and I never really settled into those frames. And then my vision changed back to what it was the year before I got pregnant, so my good old black plastic glasses were better for me anyway. And tons more comfy.

But there is something I dislike about wearing my glasses. It makes my eyes feel tired. My vision is actually better in my glasses than in contacts, so I don’t really know why. And when I wear them on a regular basis, my eyes don’t feel tired. Maybe they just have to work differently in glasses. Maybe my eyes are lazy and would just prefer the contacts do all the work for them. I don’t know. But my hiatus from contacts has brought me a new appreciation of them, and my ability to wear them. They’ll be back in the mix soon, and I am ready.

So what about you? Glasses or contacts? And when did you get them?

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  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Glasses in middle school. Contacts to start off high school. Lasik in my early 20's, but I should have waited on that. My eyes weren't done changing and I'm starting to need contacts/glasses again.


  2. I see better in my glasses too. The doc told me it was because they amp up the prescription a little in your glasses because they sit further away from your eyes? i don't know... I also have a slight astigmatism that they recognize in my glasses but not in my contacts.

    I just realized that was a pretty nerdy paragraph above.


    I haven't had vision change in this pregnancy so far. Thankful because we don't have vision insurance and couldn't afford a visit to the ophthalmologist!

  3. Got my first glasses at 26ish. After complaining for years that everyone was driving with their brights on.

    Trying for contacts again this year.

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  5. I got glasses in 5th grade(?) I was in elementary school and took the sight and hearing test and they said I needed glasses, so my Mom took me to the doctor. After my appointment I could see the leaves on the trees just like my doc had said. :-)
    I've never had contacts, I have astigmatism and my docs have always said I will see better with glasses than with contacts. I would like to have lasik in the near future, but fear I will just need glasses again.
    My kids would find it strange to see me without glasses, they tell me to put them on when I don't have them on. (Like when they wake me up too early in the morning)

  6. Glasses since 29... but I should have had them all along. I had the moment of "look I can see" when I got them. My mom has guilt about that. I just didn't know I wasn't seeing because I had always seen that way. I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other!

    My eye doctor - "you really aren't seeing well"
    Me - "really?"
    Then I got scolded for trying to guess at letters. :)

    I got contacts three years ago but haven't worn them successfully for long. My eyes are "steep" so they move around a lot. I'm weird - I know that's not news to anyone really!

  7. Curly1:01 PM

    Glasses since '98 (14 yrs old). I am very near sighted.

    I got contacts at 16 and LOVE them. I have terrible periferal vision without my contacts, and that is important in my life!

    I try to wear my glasses all day at least one day a week. It helps my eyes to rest. I also use Clear Care Solution... it's the bomb.

    I would really like to have my eyes done... but it costs $$$ and I'd rather spend it on metal shoes and dead grass!

  8. Glasses since about the 4th grade...and that was a long time ago! I remember the "leaves on the trees" moment, too! I also remember the ground rushing up to meet me.

    L.O.V.E.D. my contacts in highschool and college. Had kids and something about my eyes changed. (A LOT changed...but that is another story.) Now, whenever I wear contacts...I can see...but I look as though I have been on a 3 day drunk. If I can't have the effects of the drunk...sure don't wanna look like it.

    Another key factor about my glasses...it assists my hearing! Don't ask me how...but I know it and my kids now it. I was thoughtful as passed my nearsightedness and astigmatism genes on to all my girls :-)