Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Easter Bucket

As promised, this is my attempt to write something constructive.

Easter is just around the corner, ya’ll. And I felt the need to get Caedmon a new Easter Basket/Bucket. See, I bought him an adorable basket last year with plans for him to keep it a long time. It seems, however, that something on the basket made Caedmon break out into a rash. Not such a fun way to spend your egg hunting.

So I decided that he needed a bucket. One that was metal and nearly indestructible. He is a boy, after all. I’ve seen several of them on Etsy, and I know lots of people make them. And in my true fashion, I decided I’d make one myself instead of paying someone else to do it. (Not that paying someone else is bad. I just like to do things myself.) I looked around and really didn’t see anything that caught my attention. I mean, there are lots of cute ideas out there, but nothing was really what I wanted.

So I went to Hobby Lobby with the idea to just find something and decide. Clearly, my planning skills have only gotten better with age.

There were lots of adorable metal buckets in great colors. But they all had flower cutouts around the rim. For a girl, it would make an adorable Easter bucket. But for a boy? Not so much. At least, as long as I don’t want Caedmon to be teased mercilessly for carrying a flowery bucket every spring filled with pastel-colored eggs. Because carrying a regular bucket filled with pastel-colored eggs is borderline as it is.

The only buckets that had no flowery cutouts were red or black. Not exactly what I was looking for. The vinyl I was going to use for the lettering was on sale and apparently not well stocked, so all that was left was baby blue and white. So I decided to do a black bucket with a blue design. After all, black is the new…black.DSC09410 I created a few designs on my computer so I could cut them out and test them on the bucket to see which I liked. (We had some dark blue vinyl at home already, so I based a couple of my designs on using both colors.)DSC09416DSC09417DSC09421Husband and I decided to do a single color letter around the middle of the bucket (which I didn’t make a sample of). I mirror-imaged it before printing it out, then used carbon paper to trace the letters on the back of the vinyl. I cut the letters out with scissors and an Exacto knife. I did two sets so I could put it on the “front” and “back” of the bucket.DSC09431 Before adhering them permanently to the bucket, I taped each individual letter on with Scotch tape to make sure it was in the right place. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.) Then I peeled and stuck them one by one.

And here’s the finished product.DSC09424DSC09425 Yeah, I know having a black Easter bucket is a bit strange. But at least it’s manly. Sort of. And the upside is that I have about 9 feet left of that 10-foot roll of vinyl. I will definitely have to find something else to do with it!

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  1. That is so cute! What a great idea. I bet he will really love it! This inspires me to be creative to make my kids basket/buckets! All boys, so this might just be the right idea :O)
    Take care,

  2. Hobby Lobby sells vinyl? You did a great job. I am currently in a situation where I want new Easter baskets for the kids but don't want to do anything much about it or spend the money. This is a great idea for boys, they need a manly basket of sorts. And one that will last a long time. I'll keep this in mind when I finally do something for Easter whether it's this year or next. (Orlando is FINALLY getting a HL, and it's really close to my house, YAY!)

  3. Angela,
    Yes, they sell the vinyl you use with those Cricut/cutting machines. Walmart has it also. And from what Husband told me, Walmart has a larger selection. He found it over in the crafts area. (He bought the dark blue for a different project. It was thicker.)
    They also have a 12x12 magnet page that I would love to use to make a frame for Caedmon's artwork for the fridge. We'll see how long it takes me to get around to that project. Ha!

  4. Easter? Bucket. This looks like something you can use all year long. Of course, next Easter you will have to dump the contents...for the Easter Egg hunting detail.

  5. Jennifer8:16 PM

    You could also double that bucket as a Halloween bucket for those who trick or treat.