Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Yesterday, Caedmon and I went out to Aunt Trump’s (and Uncle Grade A’s, but he wasn’t there) to see her critters and maybe take a few photos. It was definitely strange to be out without a jacket while there was snow on the ground. But this kind of playing in the snow I can handle. It’s much nicer than freezing yourself half to death while you’re trying to have fun.

However, I think I have the only boy child in the known universe who does not like to walk in mud. It was pretty nasty out there, what with all the melting snow and dirt mixed together. There were a few times I had to pick Caedmon up and carry him because he would refuse to walk in the mud and just stand there screaming. He even had his boots on. (Granted, it was kind of deep and it grabbed onto your shoes and didn’t want to let go, while at the same time being less than firm underfoot. And it made that weird sucking noise that mud is so good at.) But he’s going to have to get over that eventually.

Caedmon had a marvelous time, and I know because at naptime, he asked me to sing an “Aunt Trump” song. Seeing as how I know no songs that include her name, (although I’m sure there are some) I decided that some version of Old MacDonald would have to do. So we sang “Aunt Trump had a farm, e-i-e-i-o!” and he named all the animals we saw. It was a hit. He asked for it again at bedtime.

Trump has always said she would be the favorite aunt. And she is gloating right now, as there are currently no other aunts or uncles who have songs with their names in them that must be sung before bedtime.

I just got a new photo editing software, and I watched about 3 online tutorials just to figure out the proper way to import photos and navigate the software a little. I didn’t even go into all the editing aspects, but I did figure out how to do a few simple edits. This is my first-ever attempt.


Yes, I dressed my child in a tuxedo t-shirt to go play in the mud and snow and see all manner of barnyard animals. I thought it would provide a nice contrast. (Actually, I had to figure something out at the last minute because there was no way in you know where I was putting Caedmon’s Easter outfit on him for these pictures due to the mud.) And like I said before…it was warm, even though you are looking at real live snow on the ground behind him.

(It seems I’m using an unusually high number of parenthetical comments today.)

(I have no idea why.)

(Now back to your regularly scheduled post.)

Oh, and one last piece of news. Husband has now come down with the plague, otherwise known as the same virus Caedmon had last week. (I know this not because I am a doctor, because I’m not. I know this because I’m the Momma.) I am so over dealing with sick male people. I do hope he is better soon though, for his sake and mine. He may end up back at work while he’s sick just so somebody will pretend to care that he feels bad.

I know. I’m terrible.

Our last few sicknesses have been as follows: Caedmon gets the “yadda yadda yadda” on a Sunday afternoon. Two weeks later, Caedmon gets the “yadda yadda yadda” on Monday night, followed by an ear infection and this viral respiratory thing that is apparently sweeping the nation. And the Tuesday following, Husband brings home the plague (Also known as a viral respiratory thing. Yes, those are the technical terms). I’m no math genius (nor did I make a good enough math score on my ACT to keep me out of remedial algebra), but I think that puts me coming down with whatever it is next Wednesday. Which will be fine, because we will have been to Children’s and I’ll feel like death anyway. That is, if it thinks it can handle the Momma.

Bring it on.

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  1. Oh, Lord. How are we gonna stand Aunt Trump? Her own song? Why in the world did you do that? I can tell ya'll don't live together anymore, and distance makes the heart grow fonder stuff, b/c that would have never happened when ...
    Oh. Wait. Maybe it would have...something to the Devil went down to Georgia. LOL