Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowl

I know everyone’s talking about last night’s game, and we’ll get there in a minute.

Today the big story is, again, snow. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow in one winter. We are looking at several more inches of snow today, and possibly again later in the week. Craziness.

And just so you know, Walmart reflected the insanity yesterday. I was crazy enough to go, but only because I knew I couldn’t go today with the snow and stuff, and it had to be done. So I went. Along with every other person within a 100 mile radius, who were all stocking up on snow storm stuff and Super Bowl fixins. Ya’ll…Walmart could not keep the sour cream or shredded cheese stocked fast enough. Apparently people around here like a little dairy with their football and snow.

On Sunday, we had some friends over to watch the game. It was great to have Joel, Brandon, Jill and her famous poof, along with Josh, Jennifer, and Brody at the house.

But the big thing at our house was not just the game. It was the food. I made football cupcakes (or “pupcakes,” according to Caedmon).DSC08827 Jill brought a Colts/Saints cake that she and Brandon made.DSC08842 And Jill’s corn dip? Straight from heaven itself, ya’ll. So good. And we had some other stuff, but the real star of the night was the Vortex Burger that Husband and Brandon made. Let me just give you a rundown: the buns are grilled cheese sandwiches; then you add a burger patty, cheese, a fried egg, and bacon.

Sounds like a heart attack on a plate to me.

Jill was kind enough to take photos while the guys were creating their portable coronaries. DSC08844 Here’s Brandon trying his first bite.DSC08855 And the actual burger? Wow.DSC08856 Caedmon even got in on the action, though I’m glad he only took a bite or two. I’d hate to have to start worrying about his cholesterol at this age. DSC08876DSC08879

We ended up pulling the Tums out for Husband and Brandon before halftime. You’re shocked, I know. And for some reason, the Colts/Saints cake was only eaten on the Saints side. Hmmm. Perhaps another Super Bowl predictor? Jill will have to make one next year and we’ll see how accurate the cake consumption really is.

I’m glad Jennifer took some pictures of Caedmon and Brody playing together, because I only took a few and they were blurry. Little boys don’t sit still very long, or at the same time!

So now I’m off to do the things I should’ve done Saturday, but have to do today since I spent my afternoon sucked into the black hole that is Walmart before a snowstorm and large sporting event. Does that make sense? I sure hope so.

Because if I’m not making sense now, it’s going to get really bad after a few more snow days.

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  1. We had a great time...even though the Colts lost! That burger was crazy - I think next year they should try sometihng a little less artery clogging! Thanks agian!

  2. We are going steak next year!

  3. That all looks so good! You are too creative.

  4. We had so much fun last night! Thanks for inviting us over. Sorry Bro threw up on the coffee table!:) I am glad Josh didn't eat a burger or I may have ended up in the guest bedroom again.

  5. That's definitely not the first time that coffee table has been spit on and it won't be the last! Ha! Glad ya'll could come!