Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Because You Haven’t Yet Been Bored To Tears By All The Christmas/New Years Stories

As promised, here are some pictures from the end of ‘09, some new toys, and the first snowfall of the new year.

Just a few days after Christmas, we spent some of Caedmon’s Christmas money and picked up a Little People Racin’ Ramps Garage. And oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that has entertained the boy longer. We literally had to rip him away to eat and then go to bed the first day we brought it home. And of course, it had to make its way into the tent, because, what’s cooler than that?DSC07935

That tractor didn’t come with the garage set. Squirt got that for him for Christmas last year, and it has been one of his favorite toys for a while. He adores it. And it’s even better that the Little People can ride in it too. If only it fit onto the ramp of the garage, all would be right with the world.DSC07940

This is our foray into the snow. I must admit I almost bought Caedmon a pair of snow boots a few weeks ago, then thought, “Nah. We probably won’t get that much snow.” And here it is January and we’ve already had snow. Twice. I’m still glad I didn’t pay $25 for those boots, but it did cause me to have to fashion something to keep his feet dry. Husband calls them “redneck snow boots.” DSC08010Yes, they are Walmart sacks. Don’t judge me, I’m recycling. Besides, if your feet are dry, they stay warm much longer. Thus more playing in the snow.DSC08018Husband was battling a nasty cold still (the one Caedmon so lovingly shared), so it was just Caedmon, Oz, and me out in the fluffy white stuff. We had fun and Oz got a little feisty.DSC08024This is our snowman. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It is literally about 6 inches tall, has arms that are longer than its entire body, and no face. Before you ask, I do know how to make a real snowman, but due to circumstances beyond my control, this is what we ended up with. And by circumstances beyond my control, I mean snow that was too dry to pack, no sticks or twigs of any kind to be found, and zero creativity as to what to use for facial features on a snowman that small. See? All beyond my control.DSC08037 And this is what happens when the Momma is cold and wants to go inside, but the boy just hasn’t had enough snow yet. You bring it inside with you. That way your body can warm up and only your fingers are numb.

Happy Snow Days, everyone!

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